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I happened to catch part of the live telecast this morning. I don’t really care much since I only watch about 5 series religiously, only two of which have any nominations. Also, I think the only movies I watched that were nominated are The Hangover, (500) Days of Summer, and Avatar. And we all know how I feel about Avatar. My friend said it best when she tweeted:

people act like avatar was our blessing unto cinema. was it really ALL THAT?

AMEN TO THAT. I haven’t watched any of the other nominees, but I’ve seen the trailers for all of them, and all of them grabbed my interest from the get-go. Not Avatar. Maybe it’s just me since everyone on my twitter feed (except said friend) was rooting for it, but really? Blue people >>> Nazis? Yeah ok I’m being harsh, haha. I just really don’t get the hype about Avatar, sorry.

Moving on, The Hangover won for Best  Comedy Motion Picture. I loved that movie (haha which is why I had inappropriate humor on my list of movie themes that I like), so yay for them.  (500) Days of Summer was nominated too though, and I wanted that to win more. :\

Other stuff I cared about:

~ Glee had four nominations but won only one: Best Comedy or Musical TV Series. Aww for Matt Morrison, Jane Lynch and Lea Michele not winning, but ahh well. They were up against tough competition, and I’m really glad they were at least nominated.

~ Neil Patrick Harris. WHY DID HE NOT WIN. srsly. No Emmys or Golden Globes yet for him. WHY. THIS MAN IS LEGENDARY! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, AWARDS PEOPLE.

~ I didn’t watch whatever it was she was nominated for, but aww Drew Barrymore was flaily and weepy in her acceptance speech. I love her.

~ Meryl Streep = awesome.



That is all. :)


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