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So I have been absent from blogging for a few days due to school work, but project 365 is still going strong! If by strong you mean half-the-time-it’s-about-whatever’s-nearest-to-me-at-11pm! Because ugh, this project is actually hard, whut. Mostly because I’m busy at school and I never have time to photograph anything interesting, and when I’m at home there’s… nothing interesting. D: which is why I bring you cop-outs! From the last five days!

Day 11

I bought a tripod that day. But I was too lazy to take an actual exciting photo that shows off how amazing life can be with a tripod, so I just took a pic of myself in the mirror. With a bit of the tripod showing. Hoho. (Um yeah, my mirror is dirty. And my room is messy. D: )

Day 11

This is the cop-out of all cop outs. Absolutely nothing exciting that day, so with 15 minutes left before midnight, I took a photo of the closest object I could find, which is this bottle of nail polish. This is the one that I used for that sparkly!nails photo I posted before. It was a Christmas gift from my ex-boss, back when I was still employed. Sigh, I miss my job. I really wish I could still do it, but life (school) is just so busy. :(

Day 13

I already had a photo of the day planned. And then I came home and saw all the cats sleeping on top of our car. CHANGE OF PLANS. I’m a cat person, so my first thought upon seeing all three of them sleeping there was N’AWWW <3. My mom thinks I’m kind of crazy, because I take hundreds of photos of the cats. But I love them a lot, so there.

Day 14

This is the day I got up at 3am, didn’t get home until 10pm, and pretty much fell asleep on my laptop at midnight. This was taken at around 11pm. I don’t know if you can see it, but my eyes were so red and tired. I’m just smiling for the photo, because all my sleepy-face photos look horrible and unflattering, haha. I had my hoodie up because… wala lang. LOL. I came from the UP Film Institute and it was cold, and then the nighttime air was cold, and when I got home… I just didn’t want to take off the jacket because it’s pretty, heh. And then I put the hood up because I’m ghetto and that’s how I roll… dawg.

Day 15

I had lunch with Fatima today, who I haven’t seen in a month. We were supposed to have a nice, fancy lunch at Choco Kiss, but I was late and had to submit my resume for internships, so we ended up at the less-fancy Long Island. Fatimang, I miss you. Let’s hang out more. We should make Friday lunches a habit, hmm.

(the photography amateur geek in me likes how this photo turned out. hee. although photoshop had a hand in that, lol)

But wait! I have an extra photo because my block is the CUTEST.

1. No, we didn’t talk about our clothes. We just really happened to be wearing different shades of pink/purple. Except for Gevie. Her pink bag will just have to suffice. XD

2. I look tiny next to Paola. :(

3. I love Lulu’s dress. :)

4. Wow, I don’t look as fat as usual. HAHAHAHAHA.

5. Why do Anna and I stand so awkwardly?

6. My legs are getting dark. I should stop wearing shorts all the time. D:


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  1. i love day 15 extra shot! (cameo role ako XD) gotta make it a point to hang out at cs more often and hunt you para makasama ako sa mga pics lol XD

    paola vargas

    January 22, 2010 at 10:07 pm

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