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saturday i failed project 365 so yesterday i was too lazy to pick it up again, because i’d lost the momentum already. i still want to do it, but i will wait for a day when i photograph something interesting. saturday would’ve been interesting, actually, i spent the morning in divisoria walking around and haggling cloth prices. i wish i had time to shop but i was meeting someone after that, so i stuck with my original purpose which was to canvass cloth prices for costumes for a presentation we’re doing in my asian history class. i wish i had my camera with me. the streets of manila would’ve made interesting photos. but it wasn’t advisable to bring it there, i might as well have brought a sign inviting snatchers and robbers to please take my expensive camera and other belongings, thank you. maybe next time i will bring my older, smaller camera.

so i came home in the afternoon with still no photo for the day, and about a couple hours before midnight, i fell asleep when i should’ve been cramming my photo already. thus the failure.

i will restart this project hopefully within the week. if not, feb 1st because i am meeting someone for lunch and we will talk all afternoon and then somehow it’ll be 6pm already and we’d just spent the last seven hours talking. it will be fun, and maybe i will take a picture.


my hair weirds me out. i’ve never had it this long before, and i constantly stare in wonder at how it brushes along my arms, and how i can tug on it from the back without bending my arm too much. it’s weird. but i like it. it’s a bitch to wash and then dry, but i like having my hair this long. only because it’s straight (now) though. i’m gonna miss it when i get it cut and rebonded again in a few months.


this post is kind of disjointed and hazy. i don’t know, that’s how i feel today yesterday, because i wrote this yesterday but my internet died and so i’m posting this now.


Written by eeeek

January 25, 2010 at 10:16 am

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