Life is so… whatever.

you and me could write a bad romance

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+ i have a project in eee due in 7 hours and I AM NOT DONE, fuck this shit.

+ kris allen will be on eat bulaga later and i can’t go because i have abovementioned project. (i didn’t even know he was here already. rofl. fan fail.)

+ kris’ concert is on saturday and i am not going, because:

a) transportation issues (unless i want to take a cab at like midnight, which… no.)
b) i have no one to go with, except possibly my sister
c) i have an exam that afternoon so the only way i can go is if i buy the P3k tickets at least, and my sister would probably not be willing to do that so if we were going, we’d be in separate sections. this would be fine if we each had someone with us, but no. so yeah, it’s a no-go. if this were the davids, there would be no question about it, i am going no matter what. but then again i wouldn’t have these issues if this were the davids since i have friends who will surely, absolutely go too.

+ ….i bought a phone instead. and named it kris. sigh. phone!krissifer you are shiny. not as adorable as real!krissifer, but probably sexier. it’s sleek and silver and sexy. rofl. i want to marry this phone.

+ i made my alarm tone Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. it’s… pretty effective. except now i will have the song stuck in my head all day. D:

+ i want to sleep. :((


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