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Sigh, I was planning to do a concert recap when I’ve already posted my videos on YouTube, but with the way my internet is behaving right now, it would  take a week or something. :| So let’s talk about how last night I went to see Kris Allen!

I know I said I wasn’t going to, and up until about 2:30pm on Friday I didn’t know I was. By some miracle involving some generous people and some fortunate connections, my friends and I got tickets FOR FREE, and I even got one for my sister. Not front row, not even as good as the seats I was planning to buy, but good enough. At that point I was just glad I was getting a ticket.

So I went last night, and we were horribly late because my friend who had the tickets was coming from somewhere else. But that’s ok, it wasn’t Kris yet. But Boyce Avenue sounded good from what little I heard of them, so I kind of wish I caught them too. The Jabbawockeez were amazing but I’m not really a fangirl so I wasn’t jumping off my seat (if I had a seat. Which I didn’t. We were in the free-standing area.).

And then after two other performers, lots and lots and LOTS of useless banter from the Channel V VJs (which I couldn’t wait for to finish, ugh), FINALLY, IT WAS KRISTOPHER’S TURN.

And holy cow, he was amazing live. I wasn’t even that excited for his show to begin with, to be honest. I mean, I was excited to see him in the general sense because this is someone I spent four months watching on TV, and I kind of really like him, so it would be great to watch his show. But not enough, not as much as I was excited for the Davids, which is why I could cancel my plans when they didn’t seem to be working out. Not without a heavy heart and disappointment, but still. If it had been the Davids, I would have gone no matter what. But Kris, I wasn’t even willing to pay half the price of my David+David ticket if there was no one to go with me.

But I’m so, so glad that my some stroke of luck I was able to go, because I would have missed that. And by that I mean how fantastic Kris Allen was live. He sounded SO GOOD. The Truth and Falling Slowly were especially beautiful. Granted, they were two of my favorites of his, but he did them so much better than I ever expected (I haven’t been following his career as closely as the Davids so this is actually the first time I’m hearing any sort of live arrangement for The Truth, or for that matter, any of his album songs except for Live Like We’re Dying and Heartless). SO GORGEOUS. I wasn’t really expecting to love his set that much, I was just looking for a good time watching an artist I like. But I came out of the concert having fallen in love with him all over again, TENFOLD.

I know my parents (and probably a lot of my friends too) don’t get why I keep on trying to see these artists live when it just inconveniences all of us when they have to stay up late to pick me up. My investment in their personal lives aside (particularly these idols), I would still want to go see them live. I’m not involved in the online fandom for all the artists I want to see or have seen live. I don’t know John Mayer’s birthday or whatever, all I have is his albums on my iPod, but if he came here I would still watch, front row even, if I can afford it. I’m a music lover and there’s something about live performances that you can’t get from recordings. There are songs that I really, truly love and that evoke powerful emotions or make me sigh happily when I listen to them, but hearing them live is still different. I love seeing artists perform. There is a different joy to it that doesn’t completely show through studio recordings. Now I know, with truly gifted artists you can hear and feel the passion in their albums, but those are the artists that when you see live, will pretty much move you to tears already. Because in live performances you can see how much they love what they are doing — not just making music, but sharing it, which is I think the main point in the first place. Yes, making cds is also sharing the music, but in performing live there is instantaneous feedback and I’ve heard artists say they feed off that energy, that love from the audience, and it’s just amazing how that translates into being that difference between live and studio vocals.

And dear Kristopher, bless him, he was giving it his all, and I just wish the crowd had been more enthusiastic. :( I know not all of them were there for Kris, a lot were Jabbawockeez fans too, and I think therein lies the problem. It was a large crowd but not everyone was interested in Kris, and I would have preferred a much smaller show with just him, and it would’ve been a much warmer crowd and he would’ve gotten all the attention, all the love he deserved. Now that I would’ve paid good money to see up front. Because seriously, he was so good live.I’ve listened to Kris’ album several times now, but it could never compare to last night. He was really giving it his all, jumping and screaming and singing his heart out and he was amazing.  And I know I’m not the only one who felt this way. I talked to a friend who also went but wasn’t with me, and we had the same reaction. Two separate concert experiences but with the same feeling evoked. Sigh, Kris. I wish you felt the love from the few who truly enjoyed and appreciated you last night. Come back for a smaller, solo show, and I promise we’ll be better than last night’s crowd. <3

EDIT: I FINALLY HAVE ONE VIDEO UPLOADED HERE. Gonna upload more here. (Also, if you wanna watch David Cook and David Archuleta in Manila, it’s also there. I was MUCH closer :D)


Written by eeeek

February 7, 2010 at 9:20 pm

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