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I got one video uploaded. Kris Allen singing Heartless (mashed up with Gangsta Paradise which was really cool) last Saturday. I’ve only got one so far because my internet is stupid, ugh. This is like the 30th time I’ve tried uploading, NOT EVEN KIDDING. Youtube always gives me an error, or my internet randomly cuts off or my laptop suddenly, inexplicably turns off RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY UPLOAD, WHEN IT’S MORE THAN HALFWAY DONE ALREADY. Ughhh. This is the first time my internet actually behaved long enough to finish one song. More to come later when I get home. Not that anyone cares anymore since it’s been  a week, rofl, but in case you do, wait for it here. I’m not that close to the stage, but my vids have good audio (um, apart from my flailing, rofl) since I’m not beside the speakers this time. \o/ I’ve also got some David Cook + David Archuleta in Manila vids there, so… yeah. Watch those while you wait, I guess. Lmao.


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