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…finished with my EEE project, aka MOST FRUSTRATING PROJECT OF ALL TIME. Today was the last day that submissions were going to be accepted, which, hahaha FAIL, self. But the point is, I’m done and I didn’t actually fail it. So tonight, even though I have a crapload of things to do for school for next week (including but not limited to: TWO programming projects –one of which my groupmates and I haven’t started yet–, a programming exercise –which I haven’t started yet either–, an exam and a problem set for my mathematical CS class, and Asian fest preparations for my Asian History class sjakdakhk wtf. IDK I probably forgot some other deadlines too D: ), I will do the following:

+ watch Glory At Sea which my friend Shace recommended DONE IT WAS LOVELY. (however idk i think i’m not deep enough for these things, i had to ~research to actually fully get it, but there was this one moment that was really poignant to me even before my search for background info)
+ read. YOU GUYS, I am actually reading a book. I actually have time to read a book! :O (actually I don’t, I’m just making time because I feel like my brain’s rotting from not reading anything literary actually that’s a lie i’ve been reading a lot of stories, just. not… actual books or whatever.) Do you know what the last book I read is that wasn’t required for class? THE TALES OF BEEDLE THE BARD. JFC I’m pathetic. D:
+ download new music!
+ download and watch SPN!!
+ SLEEEEEEEEEEP. first night in three weeks that i won’t be having nightmares about that stupid project, omfg.

except I gotta leave early tomorrow to shop for stuff we need for abovementioned Asian Fest so i might just… say screw it to the first four items (except I’ve already done the first one, hah!) and just sleep, but after that is possibly froyo with Kim and Angel and also VDay date with Imang and Clar so YAY. \o/


Written by eeeek

February 12, 2010 at 9:33 pm

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