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in which my thoughts somehow take a weird detour.

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the other day i was coming home from canvassing computers at Gilmore for a fundraising project. i was exhausted from a week of programming AND costume-making and props-buying for my Kas2 class, but i had to do it for school.

i got a chocolate chip blizzard from DQ to unwind, because i realized i hadn’t had one this year so far (froyo has replaced it as my top comfort (cold) food) and after such a tiring week, i felt like i deserved it.

there was this family eating there at one of the tables just outside the store. they had this cute little boy eating a dilly bar. he was probably about three, with adorable curly hair. on my way out i smiled a little at him because you can’t help but do so, he was that adorable.

he gave me the biggest, chocolatiest smile ever in return, even following me with his gaze as i made my way out of DQ and off to the direction of the mall’s exit. it totally made my day.

this post doesn’t really have that much of a point, except that i love how a smile from a total stranger can do that. make someone’s day, i mean. i remember that story about people in david archuleta’s school calling him Smiley Boy because he smiled at everyone, and one day a girl came up to him and said that it really meant a lot to her sister. i think that’s awesome, that we don’t know how one little smile can mean so much to someone. so don’t hold off on your smiles, you never know when you happen to give it to someone who needs it.

also, i love kids. having grown up with a sister who’s practically my age, i used to be awkward with kids because i never had any practice. i have plenty of little cousins and nieces and nephews, but i only see them about twice a year so i didn’t get to practice with them either. but recently i’ve become better with kids, and i wish i had a little sibling. brother, specifically. i guess because i don’t have a brother (i also want a kuya, lol). when i have children someday, i want a little boy. i will teach him to smile at strangers and make him listen to good music (and also cheesy boyband music, because srsly, anyone born after 2002 sorely missed out on this!) and take him to plays and concerts and movies and buy him plenty of books. um. basically i’ll be bringing him up artsy, ahaha. and free. i’ll let him start a band if he wants. or be an engineer if he wants to follow in my academic footsteps too. or a  writer, if he feels so inclined to live out my unfulfilled dream. basically i want him to have fun, and to have a choice.

…yeah, repressed parental issues, much?


Written by eeeek

February 22, 2010 at 7:02 am

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