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I realize I still haven’t written my Jason Castro recap properly. Or posted pics, because clearly my other entry about this failed. So finally, two months later, I am doing this. I even have my Love Uncompromised EP playing in the background to get me in the mood. Hee hee.

So when I found out that JCas was doing a show in Trinoma, I immediately knew I was going. Why not, since it was free and very near my house. I would’ve joined the promo to get VIP tickets, but I am broke and um sorry my flail is not enough for me to push myself to bankruptcy just to get some, lmao. And you could get a nice view if you get there early enough, like I did for Michael Johns in November ’08.

On the morning of the show, I somehow had no classes. But I was looking for internships for the summer. And then because I have extremely short attention span, I decided to take a break from my school work and google Jason’s schedule, in case he has any other appearances I could go to.

Well. Google is clearly the best person (er.) to ask, since it gave me knowledge of this contest that some concert blog was doing. All I had was to email them what my favorite JCas performance was from AI and why. Problem was, answers had to be in by noon, and it was already past 10 am by then. So I hastily gushed about Hallelujah because it truly is my favorite from him by far. I wasn’t expecting to win, especially when no email or text came from them at 1pm, when they said winners would be announced.


So I was eating out with my blockmates, when I. GOT. THE. TEXT. Three VIP tickets for me. HAHA, my flaily answer worked for them. Much flailing was had on twitter, as I got Kim to go with me, and made our friend Nat jealous that she wasn’t in Asia for this when SHE LIVES IN SINGAPORE KDJFJGK (but her being in Canada at the time was worth it; this past weekend she was in New York and saw a show by not just Jason, but also his brother Michael. Now I’M jealous. haha), and also Isabel who I couldn’t give my other ticket to because that one was going to my sister, aww. But Isabel still went, she just wasn’t in the cordoned-off seating area.

So there, we watched the show, and he was AMAZING. Whatever was up with him during his last few weeks on Idol… I don’t know. Maybe he just wasn’t for that kind of show. He’s more for the laidback, intimate setting (aka <1000  people in the audience) type of show, I think. Or maybe he’s just grown more comfortable performing after Idol. I really don’t know. All I know is that he was SO GOOD live. Haha I say this about all of the Idols I’ve seen, but they really are. I won’t comment anymore about the audience response because they are always disappointing. The only exceptions are for the Davids when it was complete and utter mayhem during their mall appearances, and they didn’t even sing. They just stood there and waved and the hundreds of people gathered to see there went completely batshit. It was insane. And this is why I have gotten used to all other audiences not comparing to that in the slightest. Meh. Anyway, bottomline is, JASON CASTRO IS AMAZING. Also, PRETTY.

Anyway, so after the show, we hung around to watch JCas sign CDs of lucky people who had a meet-and-greet stub. I wasn’t one of them. We just stood at the barrier and stared pathetically. And took pictures.

I’d bought his EP in hopes that maybe everyone who bought one could get to meet him, because that’s what voice-over guy said. Including the maybe. Um.


Maybe turned into YES. So I lined up, but I was kind of feeling bad for the others with me, because now I’ll be the one they’ll be staring pathetically at. But then this happened:

security dude 1: so are we going to let ’em all in, even those people *points to non-vip people trying  to see if they can get in by buying a cd*?? :O
security dude 2: yeah whatever, let’s just let whoever has a cd in!

I would like to say that THAT WAS FAIL SECURITY, TRINOMA, but it worked to our advantage so hahaha never mind. I called Kim and told her what the security guys said, and they ran to buy cds while I FINALLY WENT UP TO MEET JCAS EEEEE. Tweedledee and Tweedledum (Kim said the bouncers looked like Tweedledee and Tweedledum, ahaha. Dee was the one on jason’s left, Dum was the one on the right) were making things really efficient… and by that I mean you only get about 2.0348 seconds with Jason. :\ This is pretty much how it happened:

*Tweedledee gets my cd inlay, lays it on the table to the left of where Jason is still signing the cd inlay for the girl before me*
*jason finishes, gets my inlay and signs*
me: hi jason! you sounded good tonight! (or some shit like that hahaha idk anymore, not after getting the full effect of THE BLUEST EYES IN THE HISTORY OF EVER directed at me, just 1.5 feet away!)
jason: oh, thank you! :D *SMILES THE BRIGHTEST SMILE EVER*
me: oh, and advanced happy birthday!
jason: thank you!! :D *SMILE AGAIN*
*tweedledum prompts me to shake his hand*
me: *shakes jason’s hand*

…and that’s it. Jason promptly forgot about me and directed his smile now at the next random girl in the line. I narrowly avoided falling down the stairs off the stage as I stared back one last time at him, kind of still not believing that I JUST. MET. JASON. CASTRO. Seriously. HOW IS ANYONE EVEN THAT PRETTY, JFC.

By the time the signing session was over, a crowd had formed at the back of the stage where Jason would be exiting. we managed to get to the front of the crowd, although we weren’t sure if Jason really was passing by there or the security people were just creating a diversion so he could pass elsewhere. But he did pass by where we were and I got video. Here’s Jason still all :D :D :D (and still SO PRETTY!) despite having to practically run for his life to avoid being mauled by crazy fangirls, lmao:

And here’s my autographed CD:

Ahaha I love that little JCas drawing he did, lmao.

The end.


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