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Quick recap of the last couple of months, in bullet form. Maybe I’ll talk about each bullet at length later. I just wanted to show that I actually have a life outside of seeing Idols live (although that isn’t such a bad life, heh).

  • So I finished the previous semester without worrying about failing anything, which was a tremendous change from the two semesters before that. Imagine, I spent one whole year living in abject terror. It wasn’t a very fun experience. But this semester, while my grades are still not stellar (one grade in particular disappoints me so much, as it was my favorite subject that semester. Sadly I kind of put it in the backburner in favor of subjects that I could’ve failed. Because this one I knew I’d definitely pass. And then somehow it ended up being my lowest mark, what), I did not end it living on my couch and weeping when no one is looking. Wonder of all wonders, I got a 1.50 in EEE9. Suck on that, EEE8. >:D
  • Recently I have decided/discovered/realized that what I really want to do is to be a travel photographer/writer. My favorite times this year, aside from seeing artists live, was traveling. On New Year’s we went to my grandma’s, which isn’t out of the ordinary and can hardly be considered travel when I’ve been going there at least twice a year my whole life, but it is outside Metro Manila and is therefore considered a roadtrip. Also, I drove on an actual highway so that was very travel-y. Hmm well my favorite about those roadtrips to where my family lives is I get to photograph people. So there might not have been plenty to photograph scenery-wise, but photographing my family is always fun. I love capturing the joyful innocence on the children’s faces, and I love taking candids of the older ones. I don’t know, I love my family, sigh.

    Next I went to Corregidor with my Kas2 class. It wasn’t my first time, but it was my first time as a photography… enthusiast? I got some pretty nice photos, if I may say so. I’ll post some of them soon.Next… hmm. Grandma’s again for Holy Week? More family shots.

    Hmm next.. Went to my cousin’s for her birthday. We went boating. That was new. Lots of sea shots. I’ll post photos from that too, I think.

    And most recently my cousin and I joined my sister’s field trip in Subic. It was fun times. I want a tiger. Photos from that later too.

    Okay, I kind of strayed from the point. And anyway, so I know I haven’t done much real traveling, but those trips just sparked my desire to actually experience lots of different places. My best friend and I have this dream of backpacking across Eurpoe, a la Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. I want this to happen so bad.

  • My second career choice would be journalism. After that I think I would like to write a novel. And then fourth would be my actual career path. Hey, at least it’s on my list, hmm?
  • What else? Oh. I got a haircut. I think this was the shortest I’ve ever had it since… grade school? Although my haircut last summer is pretty close. After a year of not getting it cut! It was the longest  I’ve ever had my hair. It almost reached my waist. I kind of miss it, but at the same time I can’t bear having that much hair in this heat, ugh. So it had to go. Maybe I’ll not get a haircut again until next year, hmm?
  • OH WAIT, I almost forgot the biggest news of all. I have a job! Well. An internship, really. With this software company in Makati. It’s a  pretty laidback environment, although now that we’re nearing the deadline, the flexible schedule means nothing since I have tons of work to do anyway whether or not I get there late. Ahh well. I’m enjoying it a lot. I’m learning, and I get to work in a tall, posh building everyday. I may be kind of biased about my judgment though because we rarely ever have to go to work at 8 or 9am like most office people do. In fact usually we start after lunch. We stay a little later than 5pm, but I’d rather go home late than have to get up early, hands down.

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May 19, 2010 at 12:17 am

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