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Words blow my mind, you guys.

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No seriously. I’ve been thinking about this for the past week, and I’m just really amazed at how they can be strung together and create something beautiful that will make you cry. Or laugh. Or angry. Amused. Confused. Just… make you feel.

I have only ever felt three emotions when writing code: frustration (when it’s the deadline and my code just WON’T. WORK. saldfg;lh), giddy relief (when it finally does), and amazement (at how a string of letters that don’t even follow proper English grammar can result in something so cool). And reading code– well. It’s amazing when an elegant (and in the programming world elegant means short and simple) piece of code can do complicated things, or when someone’s code and approach are completely different from yours but does pretty much the same thing, but that’s… pretty much it.

But words– man, I love them. One of my favorite things in the world is finishing reading something and just feeling moved. I love it when I finish reading something and I think exactly what the title of this post says. And I’m not talking about just classic or bestselling books. It could be a poem, a story, a book, lyrics to a song, an essay, a blog entry, a tweet, anything. And it could have been written by Mark Twain or John Lennon or some seventeen-year-old or twenty-five-year-old who spends too much time on the internet (and I know many), it doesn’t matter. Like today I finished a 35,000-word story only a couple hundred people will probably ever read (and no, before you ask, I ain’t telling where it is) and the entire time all I could think was so lovely it hurts. I love it when that happens. Or that I’ve been listening to nothing but Sara Bareilles’ new album for the past two days and I keep falling in love with new parts, new lines, because everything is so brilliantly written, and the album makes me happy and weepy in turns. I came out of reading With the Old Breed with a new appreciation for all the people who had to live and fight through WWII, and any war in general. Sometimes David Archuleta tweets silly things that make me so glad people like him exist in this world full of cynics and horrible people. It really doesn’t matter. Words are words are words, and I love them.

I love art of all forms, and I could write an entire other post about how photographs blow my mind too, but words are my favorite. Words do ridiculous things to me, okay. Ridiculous things like feel, ugh. And that, there, is the reason I have always loved writing words more than I will ever love writing code.


Written by eeeek

September 10, 2010 at 8:29 pm

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