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Er, so I kind of failed at Music Monday? But I am resurrecting this failed project now since I really want to recommend one particular thing today, and as some (i.e. Anna, lol) of you might guess, it’s Sara Bareilles’ new album Kaleidoscope Heart.

Sara has said that the meaning behind the title (besides being a nice little brainwave when she was writing Uncharted) was that “I picked out the name of the record months before I even finished writing the songs. I love the imagery of those words, and they’re really representative of how I envision my heart. It’s a colorful but fragmented, ever-changing sum of all the bits and pieces that make it up. A kaleidoscope is the tool that helps make sense of the mess. Or at least makes it nice to look at.” Interesting. And kind of makes sense, hmm.

It’s… pretty much the most gorgeous album I have ever listened to? Sara writes such beautiful lyrics, and she has the rare ability to make the listener feel such raw emotion from studio recordings, almost as if you’re listening to her live. There are points in the album that make me want to weep. I’ve been listening to almost nothing but this album for the past week since she released it (today was the first day I actually listened to non-Sara music) and I haven’t gotten sick of it at all. I don’t think I ever will. In fact I still haven’t gotten enough of it. I want to devour every single line, devote hours feeling each verse. I would do a song-by-song, verse-by-verse, or even line-by-line review of this, but for one, we’d be here all week talking if I did that. And also, I keep discovering new parts I hadn’t noticed before that suddenly feel so very poignant to me. I can’t even describe what an experience it has been to be listening to this album. It’s like every listen is a whole new experience, like it’s the first time all over again. I really adore it a lot. The only thing that could make it better is for me to see Sara play these songs live. Srsly. Sara. Please come to the Philippines. *___*

My favorite tracks would be:

  • King of  Anything – It’s about standing up and making choices for yourself, and it’s… pretty much my state of mind right now. I could give it to my parents as a love letter, haha.
  • all my life i’ve tried
    to make everybody happy while i just hurt and hide
    waiting for someone to tell me it’s my turn to decide

  • Uncharted – It’s about taking that step into the unknown, despite being terrified. I love that.
  • Hold My Heart – This one is just so full of raw emotion. So gorgeous. Especially this part:
  • is anybody listening?
    ’cause I’m crying

  • The Light – It’s one of those… really quiet, emotional songs. It wasn’t actually one of my standout favorites from the get-go, until a friend pointed out the line filling up my love-soaked lungs, which was really really gorgeous, I don’t even know. And then I decided to go for another listen, and it just has some of the best lyrics in this entire album. Ugh. So, so gorgeous.
  • Breathe Again – Another raw emotion song. This is actually kind of my absolute favorite, I think. Especially the line at around 3:50-3:55-ish? The line holds my love in his hands, still I’m searching. GOD. That part gives me chills. So much anguish. This is the part where I really really want to weep. And just. The entire song, man. Okay, let me quote the chorus, because I need to refrain from quoting the entire song at least:
  • all i have, all i need
    he’s the air i would kill to breathe
    holds my love in his hands
    still i’m searching for something
    out of breath i am left hoping someday
    i’ll breathe again

  • bonus: Send Me the Moon – bonus because this is a bonus track, and also because I was intending to put only my top five tracks, because what the heck, I might as well  list the entire album if I was gonna list half of it. But I can’t help it. I adore this song. Quiet and gorgeous and lovely. So many gorgeous lines, such as i could live with your ghost if you say it’s the most i could get and distance can’t take what is hidden here safe in my chest. GAH. I wish I could write like this.

Okay, picking my favorites was kind of hard. Except not, I knew these were my favorites. But it’s like saying the other songs aren’t  as good, which is so not true. Everything is just quality, okay. I am just a sap so obviously my favorites are the ones that’ll make you cry, lol. But really. GO LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE THING. I like listening to new albums in the right order at least for the first few times, because a good album tells a story, not just in individual tracks, but  in the order that they come. So I like to listen to them in the order that the artist intended it, to get even more of a feeling of what they’re trying to say. And in case it wasn’t obvious yet, you will feel something when you listen to this. On a scale  of one to ten, I’d give it FIFTY BILLION.  Definitely my favorite album of the year so far (and I highly doubt that anything that comes after this in the next three months will top it), and possibly my favorite ever, oh my heart. <3


Written by eeeek

September 13, 2010 at 11:52 pm

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  1. Nice. Just a pity not many realize how good, if not great, Sara is.


    October 5, 2010 at 10:55 am

  2. Totally agree to this. Time and time again, I’m hooked with Sara’s songs and find myself agreeing to every point you’ve mentioned. Gaaahh. :)

    Elal Lasola

    December 16, 2015 at 10:44 am

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