Life is so… whatever.

it’s been a long night in new york city, it’s been a long night in manila too~

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Last night was… wet.

Also the fulfillment of one of my musical dreams.

But really, really wet.

It had been raining for most of the day due to some tropical depression, and I was really praying for it to have stopped by evening so we could watch John Mayer play live in peace, but that was not to be. SM Department Store was having a field day with all the people buying flipflops, boots, and raincoats. We were so close to buying some ourselves, except they ran out, what even.

So my bff went to the concert armed with only our jackets and umbrellas. The rain alternated between fine drizzle and moderate rain (that was enough to to drench my hair and my skirt, because sharing an umbrella is not very conducive to staying dry, haha). For the first few songs, I could mostly see umbrellas in front of me. The rain let up a little for No Such Thing, but came down again for Slow Dancing In a Burning Room, which was what I was most looking forward to. I could see John through a little triangle of space that wasn’t blocked by an umbrella or someone’s head, but that’s okay. His voice and his guitar were glorious, and I just basked in the music. I LOVED it.

Around halfway through the rain finally almost-stopped, and everyone put down their umbrellas, and it was just John and thousands of people standing on their chairs and jamming to Waiting on the World to Change, Why Georgia, Who Says, Do You Know Me?, Heartbreak Warfare, Half of My Heart, Edge of Desire, and several other songs. Sorry, can’t recall right now, still too hungover from the show to be really detailed about it. I didn’t get much video (and what little I had is now gone because my memory card broke, wtf) since lots of people had better views anyway so for the most part I just let myself soak in the music. Basically it was ten years of John Mayer’s music condensed into a single, one-and-a-half-hour set, and it was AMAZING.

And the crowd was great, singing and clapping along. First time since the Davids that I felt such warmth from a concert crowd. Good, because I would’ve been so disappointed with an unresponsive crowd. I know, I always compare, but I just love when an artist performs and the crowd really responds to that, because to me that is what live music is all about. Here is an artist who is pouring his heart out through song, and he makes a connection with thousands of people he doesn’t know, in a land halfway around the world from his, and it’s just the most amazing thing. It’s just a really magical experience. I don’t know, live music is really addictive, I am pretty sure that when I get a job, this will be my vice. Haha.


Written by eeeek

October 2, 2010 at 1:16 pm

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