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put your hands all over me (adam levine) (i mean what who said that)

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So last night Maroon 5 played a show in Manila and — suprise, surprise — I was there.

I know, another one?

Yes, another one.

I just really like music, okay.

Let’s talk about about how amazing they are live, which, I know I always say that, but what can I say, I have good taste. XD No but really. Fantastic arrangements, fantastic energy (I mean GOD, Adam Levine, the things you do onstage, unf), and wow, I just remembered that once upon a time I was so batshit about them. Nothing like the Davids or The Script, but Songs About Jane was one of the first legit albums I bought with my own savings and I knew all the words to She Will Be Loved and stuff. Over the years I’ve become more of a casual fan but I jumped at the chance to see them live anyway, and good thing I did. That was a good show. It was a good show. Good crowd too. Was pretty full from where I was standing, and they sang, and Adam even got us to do this harmony round-robin thing where one side would sing i don’t mind spending everyday out on your corner in the pouring rain while the other (our side) would sing and she will be loved, she will be loved and I love when there’s singing along. God that was a good concert.

It was a little different, in that it wasn’t planned (in fact Kim and I didn’t buy tickets when there was a 50% discount. and then immediately regretted it the moment we went home), we had cheap tickets, and cheap transportation home. Kim and I usually only go to see artists we really really like (of which there are many, I know)  or only if they’re free if we’re not huge fans. This is the first time that we got cheap ones, on a whim, even. I didn’t even bring my camera because I knew we weren’t going to see much (although we were closer than I’d expected). It’s not something I’d repeat, because damn, my neck hurt from straining just to get a glimpse of them, and I’ll soon have the funds to not repeat that ever again lol. And then we were supposed to go home with a friend who had a car but said friend’s phone battery died and we didn’t talk about meeting up, Kim and I just assumed we could go home with her because that’s usually what happens on these things because said friend is also one of those people who go to a lot of concerts, and a lot of them happen to be something we went to, haha. So we took a bus because cabs are expensive now. And we just sat there in the bus at 11pm and laughed at how cheap that night was. But I liked it. It was nice. Kim is my favorite concert buddy. I have gone to more shows with her that I have with my sister. I don’t know, we just like all the same things and I’ve known her for almost three years now and we’ve had ridiculous fun times together and we just get each other and yeah. It’s awesome. And I forgot what my point was. Possibly that good friends + good music = good times. :)


Written by eeeek

May 25, 2011 at 1:00 am

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