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There are days when I suddenly miss writing kind of a lot. Today was one of those days. I don’t even know, I was just browsing as I usually do when there’s down time at work, and then BAM, I was like, fuck, why did I give this up. Except I didn’t, not really, I scribble stupid little things that are hidden away, but I used to dream of writing for an audience, and sometimes I still wish I could, and blogging is the closest I could get (even though my audience is mostly Anna. And maybe a couple other friends.).

So. Yeah. For the NTH TIME, I am reviving this blog. Watch me fail. Again.

I don’t really know what to write…? I am definitely not writing about work because a) I am terrified of their internet sniffing skillz and anything I say could be used against me or potentially affect the company’s reputation or whatever (The Company, as I will call it here so as not to put me on their radar, takes maintaining its image very seriously. And they always tell us that THEY. ARE. WATCHING. THE INTARWEBZ.); and b) part of the reason I suddenly decided to blog again is to run away from work, because the one thing I swore I wouldn’t let my life become was an endless cycle of work and commute and sleep. During my first few weeks as an employed citizen, I stubbornly refused to sleep before midnight because I felt like doing so much still — tumbl, tweet, read, watch things, talk to people — before ending the day. But now it’s just… blah. I still do other things in between, but I feel like I’m losing enthusiasm. Sometimes I’d rather just sleep right after getting home. I feel like I’m losing touch with ~life. Does that make sense. I don’t even feel like getting involved in fandom anymore, and we know I’m a serial fandom-er (got this post is just making less and less sense, isn’t it). Mostly I’ve just been watching (downloaded) tv. And sleeping, I don’t know, I’m always so tired. Not that work is hard, but it’s just so time consuming, particularly the commute, of all things.

So I am attempting to change the monotony by finding something to do.

TV season is starting again, so maybe I’ll write show recaps. Nothing lengthy, I don’t even have time to download, let alone write novel-length essays about what I watch. Maybe I’ll write just a post or two a week about my shows. Which are… um, quite a lot, possibly a dozen. Definitely at least ten, I think. I love that I don’t have homework anymore so at least I can use the three measly hours of free time a day just doing stupid things. Haha.

Maybe I’ll also write movie reviews. I am aiming for 100 movies this year, which, omg, I am so behind. I think I should watch at least three movies a week to make up for it. I might have to start transferring stuff to my phone  so I can watch during the bus ride home. Make the stupidly long commute useful at least, since I don’t always sleep through it.

Oh oh I think I’ll make Music Monday a thing too.

No, this is not going to be a pop culture blog. I’m also going to write stupid things about my life. It just so happens that most of that involves pop culture, haha.

Ugh this post is so disjointed. The title isn’t even remotely related at all, it’s just from the song that’s currently playing on my iTunes. I’ve definitely lost my touch. Not that I ever had it in the first place, but damn, I used to not be so annoyed at my own writing. :|


Written by eeeek

September 6, 2011 at 10:16 pm

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