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This morning on the way to work I got into a minor car accident. So minor, in fact, that the only thing that got hurt was one of the headlights of the cab I was in, no authorities were involved, and the bus we hit didn’t even skip a beat and continued on its merry way. I don’t even know if the bus driver noticed we hit the bus, but apparently the busted headlight was bad enough that the cab driver had us get off somewhere in Santolan along EDSA and find another cab (or way) to get us to Makati, as he’d be apprehended if he went to Makati with that.

Well then. My Monday was off to a good start. As usual. /sarcasm

For weeks I have been late on Mondays because of this phenomenon I still don’t understand — for some reason more people go to work/school/wherever than on any other day of the week thus causing long lines for whatever mode of transport you are going on, and hellish traffic. Seriously guys, I thought everyone hated Mondays. I personally had forgotten that feeling in the last three years, as I had Mondays off in uni so while everyone was dragging themselves out of bed on the worst day of the week, I was happily sleeping in and enjoying my three-day weekend. But I thought the general consensus was that Mondays suck. Why, then, does everyone seem so eager to get out? My mother has spent the last 20 years making the same commute as I do now, and she has never understood it either, so I am not holding out much hope and will just whine instead.

So whine I will.

As I said, I’ve been late on Mondays for weeks, ever since I’d decided to find an alternative to the train which gives me more stress than is necessary. Every Sunday night I resolve to wake up earlier than usual the next morning and beat the rush hour crowd, or at least give myself ample time to brave even the worst traffic jams and still get to work on time, but I never did (am not much of a morning person as we all know), not until this morning. I was out of the house by 6:30, on a tricycle by 6:40-ish (ok I have learned that I can’t get a jeepney at that time unless I get on one that will go around our village before getting back out. will take this into consideration next week) and at the taxi terminal by 7.

(Ok, bit of an explanation: I am not spending all my salary on cab far. At the terminal they do this thing where the barkers hail a cab, and every four people in the queue carpool together and pay P75 each for the ride instead of depending on the taxi meter. Kind of like an FX.Yes, this is not standard, it’s possibly straddling the line between what’s according to the rules and what isn’t, but it is convenient for commuters, haha.)

And then, miracle of miracles, there was no queue! I was like, finally I’ll get to work early on a Monday! So I got on a cab with three other people, and fell asleep somewhere along East Avenue.

…Only to be woken up by sudden braking. BOOM, our cab had hit the bus in front of us. I may have yelled SHIT!, um.

This morning’s incident was just the latest (um, actually, on the way home, another incident just usurped that spot) of many… complaints I have about the commute to and from work. It is seriously the worst part of my whole working experience. I’ve mentioned above how I’ve abstained from taking the MRT for weeks now. First it was just the mornings because there’s so  many people in the mornings that I rarely get to sit, plus the pushing and shoving and yelling and stuff annoys me and ruins my morning. So I decided to take the taxi way. I had to adjust and wake up a little earlier, and the cab fare alone costs more than what I used to spend on transportation for the entire day, but I decided the relief from train-induced stress was worth it, plus I could sleep through the traffic anyway. And then there was that week when the MRT broke down thrice in the same number of days. One of those times we were made to get off at Shaw Boulevard station. That made me decide that fuck it, I’m taking the bus home. Which I have done on most days since. It takes longer, and getting off when the bus is full to bursting is a bit of a challenge, and my bum gets sore after an hour and we’re still in Cubao wtaf, but again, at least I get to sit and sleep. And generally people aren’t as bitchy as on the train.

While my commute has mellowed considerably since I quit the train, I’ve still had my share of mishaps. Buses and cabs with barely functioning airconditioning systems which meant I had to sit in the heat for an hour and a half. People stepping on my toes and making them bleed (that really happened. Last week, in fact.). Smelly seatmates. Sitting in there starving and waiting desperately to get to SM North. Almost being victimized by the bukas-kotse gang of minors in the Guadalupe area (that was a little terrifying; thank God our doors were locked and the traffic moved so we got away). Just the fact that my daily commute takes four to five hours in total. I just. I really, really hate it, guise.

Sometimes I laugh at myself when I hear news about transport issues, which I gather is kind of a hot topic in the news these days. Suddenly I can relate and am very concerned and have strong opinions about these issues (i.e. I’d be willing to pay more for the MRT if they could ensure improved performance, except, HA, fat chance. I’m better off staying with my cabs and buses). God, my biggest transportation problem used to be how my cab fare to UP rose quite a bit after the cab rate increase, because I tended to take cabs when I was late. When my travel time reached an hour I generally considered it a bad day. When my byaheng langit was the Tandang Sora-City Hall jeepneys, or the ones along Commonwealth when I went to and from my tutoring job. How I miss those days now. Sometimes I wish I’d taken a job that’s situated in TechnoHub. Maybe I still will, one day.

Yes, I really hate the commute that much.


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