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Last week I was at the UAAP Cheerdance Competition. This would be the fourth year in a row, and the second I’ve watched it with my blockmates (well technically it’s my third with Jobelle). It’s almost like a pilgrimage now for us, because once you get to be a part of this crowd–

–you’ll want to do it over and over again. The UP crowd is the best crowd I’ve ever been part of, and not just that bit in the video where we’ve just won, but the during the entire event– you can just really feel everyone’s love for the unibersidad. Some people might ask, why is this a big deal, it’s just cheerdancing. But it’s more than that, more than defending our championship title or not just because this is our ~thing in the UAAP. It’s students, alumni, friends and supporters coming together for the love of UP. I’ve heard and read people say that we’re always the most loyal crowd, even in men’s basketball where we don’t do well. And one of my favorite things in the world is experiencing this loyal crowd firsthand, being part of it and cheering until I’m hoarse for the school that I love, and it always, always feels like home.


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