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Ahh, season premiere time. This week is always the best, because this week almost all my tv shows come back, and I get to start new ones as well. This year’s TV list so far is actually shorter than I’d anticipated (I was thinking about ten to a dozen shows) but then again some of the things I’m watching for haven’t aired yet (Merlin, Sherlock, Dexter, Being Human, and that new one with Jason Isaacs, Awake). So for this week I had 7 shows, totaling 8 new episodes. Well, 8 shows, if you count Running Man, which, okay I will count because I love that show. And 10 if you count Family Outing and Parks and Rec which I am gradually catching up on. And now as I mentioned a couple entries back, I shall recap this week’s tv. These are gonna be quick, crappy recaps so no one attack me for not thinking too deeply about Doctor Who theories, okay (lalala no1curr, self).

How I Met Your Mother
Yay, double episode! Things that happen: Lily doesn’t want to announce yet that they’re preggers, Marshall and Lily announce that they’re preggers, Ted cries at a wedding, Barney and Robin are still the brotp of my life, Ted uses his NYMag cover to score women, in the end he takes his bro Robin as his date to this prestigious architects’ gala or whatever, Barney is still pursuing that girl with the accent, because obvs we still need to torture Robin a bit before we finally end up at the wedding foreshadowed in the beginning of the first ep. Which better be Barney’s wedding to Robin, or I will KILL someone. Except Barney feels a little unsure so he could be marrying accent-girl and ends up realizing Robin is the love of his life, but then again the gang feels very calm about this and nobody seems to want to stop Barney so it MUST be Robin. Or, as mentioned, I will kill someone.

New Girl
I thought it was a promising start. At least it was not as annoying as I’d feared. Episode was short so I can’t judge definitively yet, but I think I’ll keep watching it not just for my love of Zooey alone but because I actually did kind of like it. Nick was my favorite of the guys, predictably, because he was the most likable. Douche-guy Schmidt or however you spell it was cute but had no abs so there is not much to cancel out the douche-ness, but he was nice sometimes, and I expect they’ll all become ~better men as they get to know Jess (Zooey’s character) and we see that there’s more to him than that douche-jar. Also, at least one of them will probably develop actual feelings for her.

Modern Family
First things first: LILY IS A BIG GIRL NOW OMG. She talks now! And is actually a bit of a brat, lol, but Cam and Mitchell will raise her to be a good person, I’m sure. Meanwhile, big things are happening for the Dunphy daughters. One: Alex gets her first kiss! Well, some douche takes it, but she ends up returning the favori by kiss #3. WTF. I saw nothing likable about the kid aside from his persistence, so I don’t know why a smart girl like Alex would fall for that, but hey. It’s her first… romance. Or whatever. And she’s a kid so. Yeah. Let her fall for the douchey guys and learn that she should find better. And two: surprise, Haley actually thinks for herself and does not actually want to marry Dylan! But GOD, Claire, like Haley said, it was her proposal to turn down. I mean, I love Claire, but she is a bit suffocating. I get it, mothers are like that, etc etc, but let your kids live, goddamn. Aaaaaand… this is getting a little bit personal, um. I’ll just stop now.

This is not going to be a very good recap because I was playing Fruit Ninja on my phone while watching. So, things I remember: Jeff still wants to keep Pierce out of the group, the group still decides to be nice to Pierce and keep him despite his douchey ways (oh hey, I guess the tv theme of the week was douchebags), Senor Chang lives in the school vents, and Dean Pelton tries and fails (as usual) to run the Greendale better. Oh, and Troy and Abed are now roomies! CAN WE HAVE AN EPISODE ABOUT THEIR ROOMIE-NESS PLS. That was actually my favorite part, IDK, there wasn’t much exciting stuff in this ep. That opening number was ace, though, and I still love everything this show chooses to be.

Hawaii Five-O
Most exciting of the season premieres so far! The team are trying to clear Steve’s name which proves a little difficult when your task force that enables you to do that is suspended, but in the end they pull through. Also, Steve and Danno are still bickering like a married couple, Chin is badass as usual, and even Hess pulls a surprise and saves Steve! CIA chick however does a surprise betrayal, just as I was starting to like her. Bah.

Ahh show, welcome back. I am hoping this season is better than the last. I just. Please, Kripke. I am begging here. And then end it with a bang because seriously, what else is there to do? We’ve had demons, angels, and now even God. The only thing left is the ~real God coming down and yelling at his kids to stop fighting, for fuck’s sake. Which we saw hints of, possibly, if God was the one whispering to Castiel. Or was that the leviathans? IDK I am still thinking it was God, and he is coming. In any case, I spent most of it worrying about Castiel, because he is going to receive the worst smiting if the real God is coming back. I don’t want Cas to die. :(  Also there was one line that I thought was ACE, and is probably one of my favorite lines from this show ever.

Doctor Who
I actually just watched the latest episode today, but as Sunday is part of a new week, I will recap this episode next week. Last week’s episode was… well. I shouldn’t have watched that in public (I was on the way home, watching it on my phone). The episode was entitled The God Complex which obviously means less the creature that feeds on faith that they encounter, and more of the the doctor, who is feeling the weight of all the things he’s done and how it’s affected all the people around him, particularly Amy and Rory who are still surprisingly with him even after the previous episode which I thought would be the last straw and would make them leave him. But Amy has faith in him more than anything as this episode tells us, and in the end it is the doctor who walks away, to keep them safe. CUE MY TEARS, OH MY HEART. ;___________;

The end.

…Wow, I am an awful recapper.

And because I apparently feel like this isn’t enough, I decided to add more:

Things I want to try:

  • Pan Am
  • Game of Thrones
  • Mad Men

Things I want to catch up on:

  • Big Bang Theory – I really miss this show and wish I didn’t fall behind, sigh.
  • Parks and Recreation – except I am running out of episodes on my hard drive as I keep downloading Family Outing instead of this hahaha.
  • Criminal Minds

The ~maybe list. for when I feel like a dozen shows is still not enough:

  • True Blood

Merlin is coming back next week though, so Angel and I have Sunday morning dates again! SHOW, I HAVE MISSED YOU SO. Also, COLIN MORGAAAAAN.

Aaaaand aside from that I watched a total of. um. one movie this week. Yes Man, which I liked. Somehow I unknowingly pick movies that talk about living life a little more, and I end up relating to them more than is necessary. Quarter-life crisis at its finest, yo.


Written by eeeek

September 25, 2011 at 10:06 pm

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  1. I love modern family :)

    Sana magkaron rin ako ng cam-mitchel family haha.
    Pero gusto ko rin maging si Phil or Luke
    at feeling ko kasing overthinker si Manny


    November 7, 2011 at 10:36 pm

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