Life is so… whatever.

is this what they call growing up?

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Today I hung out with Kim. We ate, looked around PowerBooks, and then went to her place to watch some Merlin.

Three things about today:

  1. We did not have alcohol while dining out.
  2. We went to her house and forgot to buy alcohol.
  3. After finally remembering and braving the rain (we did not bring umbrellas. WE SO SMRT~) to buy four bottles of Tanduay Ice, we only drank one each.

…WHAT IS THIS SORCERY. My drinking buddy (well, other than Anna lol) and I, done after a bottle of Tanduay Ice each? Are we turning into lightweights? Is this part of the quarter-life crisis? Are we finally growing up?? (Seeing as we spent today dorkily fangirling over stupidfaces Colin Morgan and Bradley James, I highly doubt the latter, rofl.)


Written by eeeek

December 10, 2011 at 10:58 pm

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