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first of possibly several 2011 recap posts

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this is mostly just a list. of stuff. and some rambling because that’s what i do best.

concert buddy: my sister (Whoa, she was actually at 5 of the concerts I went to, although we were only together for 4 of them. But wow, I can’t believe she beat Kim. I bet I was Kim’s concert buddy though, I think the only ones she went to were the three we went to together haha.)
favorite concert: THE SCRIPT (sry BB D)
favorite song: probably tie between Rapid Eye Movement (David Cook) and Little Lion Man (Mumford & Sons)
favorite album: possibly a tie between This Loud Morning (David Cook) and Sigh No More (Mumford & Sons) as those were the two albums I listened to on repeat for like days.
song that sums up the year: Good Life, OneRepublic. IDK 2011 year has just been full of blessings.
favorite musician: Mumford & Sons (sry Davids)
tv buddy: my sister
best (new) show:

  • Tree With Deep Roots – Joong Ki was just PHENOMENAL on this show, I can’t even. And the entire show was just brilliant, and gorgeously shot too.
  • RUNNING MAN – LOL it feels like I’ve been watching it since last year, but apparently not? It’s FUCKING HILARIOUS and the cast feels like the cutest family ever by now and I just love it/them SO MUCH. <3

worst (new) show: lol idk New Girl. I love Zooey but I found the show kind of annoying? My sister loves it though.
best (old) show: MERLIN OMG. This show. I have always loved it despite it’s many flaws, but it seriously improved this year and I am impressed.In fact I have so many feelings about it that I need an entire post. Soon.
worst (old) show: Glee? I quit it because the characterization and the themes and the plot just really angers me ugh. And SPN OH GOD CRYING :( I love this show and I will watch it to the end but TBH I’m just hanging on now solely because of my affection for it. It could’ve been great, what with Cas becoming God and stuff, but they never followed up on that and all we got was a bunch of monster-of-the-week episodes with some stuff about the leviathans thrown in. KRIPKE, PLS TELL ME THE SECOND HALF WILL BE BETTER. :(
movie buddy: kim (I didn’t count so my sister might have surpassed her in this too, but I remember going to see so many movies with her haha)
favorite movie: I think out of the 6 I listed in my scrapbook as my favorites, I’d say 3 Idiots because that’s one that’s really relevant to my life and affected me so much. Next would be Deathly Hallows (oh my goodness, the amount of tears I shed in this movie) and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (EVEN MORE TEARS). Also, LOTR. ALWAYS AND FOREVER.
favorite actor: colin morgan, song joong ki
favorite book:

favorite new person: L
drinking buddy: kim
favorite/best accomplishment:

  • graduating on time/with honors
  • getting kim into merlin HAHAHAHA

best purchase: MISHA, and my LOTR Special Extended Edition dvds (lol i like typing the entire thing)
favorite quote: This feels a little private because it’s from an email, but it’s just so beautiful I feel like sharing it. It’s not like this blog gets a million visitors a day anyway lol.

it’s all about feelings and how to find the things in life that give you the greatest amount of hope, happiness, and positive feelings about other people….  And they don’t require a lot of money or book knowledge to find, just simple things that are important like family, friends and faith that things will get better even though things are sometimes very difficult to understand.   First thing is just knowing who you are, that you are special and someone up there is totally able to help you with your life as you learn to listen to that small voice from within that tells you what you need to know and do.  It really is that simple, but learning to listen and follow the small voice is the hard part because everyday life is so LOUD and in your face so much of the time that sometimes you can’t hear the still small voice as easily, but that is what early mornings and late nights are for when you can get quiet with yourself and listen to the soft voice of the spirit to help you.


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January 2, 2012 at 9:08 pm

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