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As expected, I failed my weekly recap plan after only one week, so let’s have a mid-season recap (for most of my shows, at least. Dexter‘s is a season recap, and Merlin as well although that one will need its own post)

SIGH, THIS SHOW. WE COULD’VE HAD IT ALL, SHOW. I had high hopes for this season because damn, what a setup, Castiel’s plan to take all those souls in and become God to save the world backfired as he ingested Leviathans along with the souls, and I’d half-expected the real God to smite him for his audacity. BUT WHERE IS HE. We’re now back to hunting monsters while occasionally getting updates about the Leviathans on the side. And if there’s going to be a God in this show, please let it be Chuck. We’re only halfway through and there’s still plenty of eps remaining so maybe he’ll get there someday? Sigh. The only progress we’ve had is the brotherly emotional catharsis. Good on you, Sam and Dean. And the only thing that has made me feel actual feelings about this season is BOBBY DYING OH MY HEART. I actualfax cried. D: I didn’t think he actually was until the first episode of this year. SOBBING FOREVER. :(((((

HOW IS THIS SHOW IN DANGER OF CANCELLATION, I MEAN REALLY. It’s still super ridiculous and awesome and fun fun fun. The most recent episode reminded me though that beneath all that this show still has heart, because I never realized how much I wish Jeff and Shirley would bond more until that foosball episode when they did, and the episode after that reminded me that though all of them have different dynamics and relationship with each other, they are all the best of friends. Except Pierce sometimes, I guess, idek what is going on with that anymore because Pierce annoys me a lot of the time, sigh. In conclusion: Troy and Abed are still my favorite, haha.

Modern Family
Hmm, nothing has really stood out much so far this season except noticing how the kids have all grown, but then again this show is not about flashy. It’s still the same heartwarming family, and I can still relate. Phil is still and will always be my FAVORITE. PLEASE ADOPT ME, PHIL DUNPHY.

How I Met Your Mother
OH MY GOODNESS, how dare this show hurt like this. ROBIN AND BARNEY UGH MY HEART. And Ted gets kind of more annoying but I still love him and that moment where he spent Christmas with Robin to cheer her up despite not knowing what was bothering her just redeemed him for me, because he is still the same Ted who I’d love to be friends with, aww. But where did Kal Penn go though, he kind of just… vanished?

Hawaii Five-O
It was the season’s most exciting premiere (er, at least until I got Merlin lolol). So much betrayal going on in this season omg. Glad Kono is back on Five-O though. And the Steve/Danno banter is still THE BEST, and I really wouldn’t love this show as much as I do without their dynamic. I kind of noticed that Steve (or Alex?) has picked up on some of Danno’s mannerisms, he did that hand thing Danno always does (the one with the thumb and forefinger forming a circle while the other fingers fingers are sticking out… lol this is so hard to explain, I guess you have to see it to know). And Danno is becoming more like Steve when  interrogating people lololol. And I like the new girl Lori, I hope she doesn’t turn out to be a baddie, although judging from this season so far I wouldn’t be too surprised if this is another betrayal. But please GOD NO. D: And WHAT IS SHELBORN omg the suspense. I don’t have theories or speculations on this one because I honestly have no idea. Well we know it’s a person, but who is it and why is he a big deal. I bet it’ll turn out to be Steve but idk the importance of that because the show hasn’t given us a lot of info about it except that Shelborn is ~important. I guess we’ll know eventually. I’m excited to find out. One thing I don’t get: how do they know that a case is Five-O concern and not simply HPD’s? Lol. And one gripe: THIS SEASON NEEDS MORE GRACIE THOUGH. MORE DADDY!DANNO.

This one is  an overall-season recap. I enjoyed this season’s theme, and how we get to see a more human, and I guess more vulnerable Dexter. Faith is something foreign to him, he’s never had to put faith in anything except maybe his dad, and for him to explore these things is really interesting to see. Plus the season baddies made the best crime scenes, wow. But omg THAT TWIST, MAN. Well, it wasn’t much of a surprise because I read NYMag and they’ve been speculating about that since idk, ep5 or something? But they were right, wow. Also, for the first time, I actually really liked the guest star (not the baddies, k). I disliked Lumen and that Hispanic lawyer guy from previous seasons, but BROTHER SAM, MAN. I enjoyed him, and it saddens me to have to refer to him in the past tense because I’d really hoped he’d miraculously survive three gunshots to the chest (um, there can be miracles when you believe and all that?) and he and Dex will continue to be badass together. But he’s gone, and I think I’ve felt sadder over his death than that of Rita’s, lol.

Towards the end it got pretty exciting, and my heart hurt especially when they involved Harrison because I can take however much gore and blood, BUT NOT WHEN IT INVOLVES KIDS. :((

Oh, but the Deb/Dex thing made me so uncomfortable though omg. D:

Tree With Deep Roots
LOL GUISE. Remember how I end up watching stuff just because of a certain actor that I like? This is one of those times. But it has been so worth it. Song Joong Ki completely blew me away in the few episodes that he was in. I wish he’d stayed for longer, but oh well. The story was engaging enough for me to watch it even after his episodes, because I’m a history geek as we all know, and I’m secretly kind of a language geek as well, and this show taps into both of those sides of me. It’s not just a period drama, it’s a period drama about the creation of Hangul, the Korean alphabet. SO INTERESTING. And the story is so exciting and the suspense kills me every week. Also the acting and cinematography are superb. The older King Sejong (Joong Ki’s character) is pretty different from his younger counterpart but that’s to be expected, as the King grew up. But I love the quirks of his character, so amusing and amazing at the same time. Jang Hyuk is also fantastic which I guess the rest of the world knew already, but hey, I wasn’t really a Kdrama enthusiast before. The story got even more exciting every episode, and the wait for the subtitles on the weekends got so bad lolol SO ADDICTED.  And goodness, the last episode? AN OCEAN FOR MY TEARS, WAH. Favorite characters: Sejong (both young and old), and Mu Hyul. The dynamic between the two was also one of my favorite things. Mu Hyul was Sejong’s oldest friend and it showed. :’)


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