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year-end concert meme

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…these recaps just keep on coming, um. 2011 was a really fucking good year for concerts here, and three of the artists I went to see were some of my biggest concert dreams (D doesn’t count anymore, I’ve seen him thrice already rofl). God that was a good year. :’)

Top 5 shows of the year?
(lolol, I only went to six, and now I have to pick five?? And they were all epic, so I feel bad having to leave one out. SO LET’S JUST LIST THEM ALL! The Script is def. #1, but the rest shuffle a bit, depending on my mood.)
1. The Script
2. Westlife
3/4. Jason Mraz, David Archuleta
5/6. Sugarfree, Maroon 5

Total number of shows?
Six, which makes the first question so hard. D:

First Show of the Year?
Paalam Pilipinas: The Sugarfree Farwell Concert (0301)

Last show of the year?
Jason Mraz Acoustic Night with Toca Rivera (1030) (cute lang, binaligtad na 0301)

Most surprising show?
Maroon 5? I was surprised how HNNNNG Adam Levine is onstage? Hahaha.

Most disappointing?
David Archuleta, because NO BARRIERS BOO. (i hope you all know this is jest, because as i said above, all of them were epic)

Farthest traveled?
SM Mall of Asia lol

Venue most visited?
Araneta. FOUR TIMES.

Worst injury?
I wasn’t injured, but my wallet felt like it lolol.

Most expensive ticket?
Hmm, The Script, I think?

Band seen the most?
If we’re talking for the year only, none, saw them all only once each. But overall? I think a tie between Sugarfree and David, if I remember correctly how many times I’ve seen Sugarfree before.

Best new discovery?
WESTLIFE CAN DANCE BAD ROMANCE. Lol none of the artists really were new discoveries, as I have always wanted to see them all. (13 YEARS WAITING FOR WESTLIFE WHAT UP)

Bands seen this year that also broke up this year?
WESTLIFE, CRYING. Well technically they’re still together, but shortly after their show here, they announced that they’re breaking up in 2012. :(((((

Friends made at shows?
Er, I guess my sister’s friends? We’re not really close or anything but I met them and now they see to have developed some fannishness for me…? I AM THE COOL OLDER SISTER, K. =))

Band members met?
None, didn’t bother to meet D’s band lolol. AND I DIDN’T GO TO EDSA SHANG TO MEET JASON OR TOCA, CRYING D:

Best souvenir from a show?
None idk. The knowledged that I saw Sugarfree play their last song as a band? Oh, and I guess videos of all of the shows, so I can rewatch them like a dork.

Longest time in line?
None, ’cause I’m rich ROFL ROFL.

Shows seen from the barricade [front row]?
None. Was a few feet from it for Sugarfree though.

Most shows in one month?
One, all my shows were in different months

Most shows in one week?
Lolz, ONE.

Biggest crowd?
IDK I don’t have the official numbers, but The Script, Westlife, and Jason Mraz filled Araneta. (D… didn’t. XD)

Smallest crowd?

Any drunk encounters?
Hmm, I don’t think so. Whether from strangers, or Kim and I. lolol.

Top 5 best 2011 concert moments:
(possibly not in any particular order)
2. Westlife singing/dancing to Bad Romance!
4. Hearing Sugarfree play their last song as a band :’) :'(
5. HEARING JASON MRAZ PLAY ‘DETAILS IN THE FABRIC’ AKA MY FAVORITE MRAZ SONG EVER LIVE. (along with what felt like 294893894 other songs haha)

Top 5 worst 2011 concert moments:
2. Er, my view being blocked by tall men during the Sugarfree show?
4. Running out of memory card space during Jason Mraz’s show, AND THEN ACCIDENTALLY DELETING ALL MY VIDS OH GOD. Thankfully I was able to recover them.
5. This is technically not a concert moment but UGH NOT GOING TO SHANG AND THEREFORE NOT MEETING JASON AND TOCA :((((

  1. Paalam Pilipinas: The Sugarfree Farewell Concert (0301, Eastwood) – WAH. BYE, SUGARFREE. :(
  2. The Script Live In Manila (0416, Araneta Coliseum) – MOST EPIC CONCERT OF MY LIFE, NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING. Also one of my concert dreams come true.
  3. Maroon 5 Live In Manila (0523, SMX Convention Center MOA) – AMAZING CONCERT. Adam Levine is attractive.
  4. David Archuleta Live in Manila (0718, Araneta Coliseum) – OH DARLING, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY BABY
  5. Westlife Gravity Tour Live in Manila (0929) – FINALLY, AFTER THIRTEEN YEARS. And then shortly after that they announced that they were breaking up. DAFUQ.
  6. Jason Mraz Acoustic Night with Toca Rivera (1030) – AHHH ANOTHER FAVORITE. GOD THIS WAS A GOOD YEAR FOR CONCERTS.

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January 9, 2012 at 10:44 pm

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