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Today, my officemate D (not to be confused with d the stupidface who is inexplicably here for three weeks ugh lol) linked me to the 50/50 challenge, where one must read 50 books and watch 50 movies in 2012. For the movie part, I was like, LOL 50. I WATCHED 100 LAST YEAR. MY GOAL THIS YEAR IS 120, EVEN! But 50 books? Need I remind you that I read a whopping THREE books in 2009? Last year was the most I read (19) since… I don’t know, maybe grade school. Or at most maybe when I was a freshman or sophomore in high school. I aimed a little higher this year and pushed it to 20, and then decided to make it 24 to make it 2 books a month. But 50? I don’t know if I can do it. D:

…But the again, I’ve finished four books already this year. Granted, two of them I started last year, but the challenge says they count, and I had quite a substantial bit left of them when the year started. And either way, I’m still on track. So I’ve decided, why not?

I was hesitant at first because you know how I am about not reaching goals, even when they’re just personal goals with no serious consequences like this. But my other officemate J (again, not to be confused with j who is NOT. HERE. grr.) said to me, “So what if you don’t finish? What’s going to happen to you? Nothing.” And you know what? He’s right. So what if I don’t finish. I certainly will try, but if I don’t, that’s ok. At least maybe if I aim high, I might still beat least year’s stats, eh?

And besides, Fatimang and I have been talking about living more — seeing things, going places, doing things, in our quest to… be more cultured lololol idk. To be less bored with our corporate lives. (this would be a post for another day) — and I think this counts. The challenge actually lies in balancing all this with actually getting out and doing the ~going places~ bit, but you know what? I’ll do it. I won’t be a hermit who watches tv and movies all day. Most of my reading I do on the daily commute anyway, because I hate the thought of three to four hours a day wasted on me looking out the window and asking “Are we there yet?” I also watch TV and movies through my phone on the way, when I don’t feel like reading, so finding time for this massive challenge won’t be a problem. And as seen from the last few months, I still go out, meet people and such. I can do this. I will live my life as much as possible this year, and that includes reading and watching ALL OF THE THINGS.

So YES, I am taking the 50/50 challenge, and then some.

  • 50 books
  • 120 movies
  • 500 tv episodes (HOOOOOLY CRAP, GOOD LUCK TO ME. I have added a new page just to list all my tv eps.)

I do have one modification to the rules though: movies I’ve seen before count. Not the individual times I see a movie within the year (because we know there are some movies I see multiple times. i.e. Inception, Deathly Hallows, The Social Network); multiple watches still count for only one movie. But if I’ve seen a movie in previous years, it still counts. Because I can’t not include the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and we know it is something of a ritual for me to watch those movies at least once.

(Lalala yes I am bending the rules. I do what I want, etc etc. Whatever, I’m going to get to 50 never-before-watched movies even without that rule anyway.)

Look, I even made a graph. Because I am actually the biggest dork you know.


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January 16, 2012 at 10:47 pm

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  1. ” I won’t be a hermit who watches tv and movies all day.”

    —ouch! :)))) goodluck on your movies and books and eps! and yay, you’re blogging! <3


    January 19, 2012 at 10:23 pm

  2. […] when I blogged about my modified 50/50 challenge — modified to be 50/120/500 because like Leslie Knope who is my new hero, I like to go big, […]

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