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dear self,

you are not allowed to buy new books until you finish Anansi Boys.


there was a cat running amok in my room this morning. you know you have too many books when you actually have a pile that aforementioned cat can knock over.


in which k is an even bigger purist than i am lol

k: I don’t read ebooks.
me: You know how there are movies I could just watch from a downloaded copy but there are those that I definitely have to watch in the cinema? There are some books I could read on my phone, and then there are those that I need to have actual pages.
k: I know someone who reads only ebooks. I’m like, DO I EVEN KNOW YOU.


20 days into 2012 and i have already finished FIVE books. :O


my sister wants to drag me to d’s mall thing tomorrow. I WANT TO HIT THE KID (d, not my sister. although possibly my sister too) ON THE HEAD WITH HIS BOOK GRRR


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January 21, 2012 at 12:26 am

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