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shit my family says, and other random things

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this morning, at breakfast:

me: uy sale ng tv sa may office namin next week.
mom: tara bili tayo.
me: bakit, di naman ako nanonood ng tv. kelangan mo ng bagong LCD tv para manood ng wiltime bigtime?

(my mother watches that rubbish every night. jfc.)


later this morning:

me: sino yung may party na pupuntahan nyo?
dad: sila ninong. ninong namin sa kasal.
me: nakita ko na ba yun?
dad: oo nung kasal namin.


yesterday i was at work. then my team lead and i left earlier than i expected. and then i did some research and found that the bourne legacy was shooting at the MRT Taft station. so instead of going north… i went south. um. AND THEN I SAW JEREMY RENNER, AND WALKED DIRECTLY BEHIND RACHEL WEISZ. awwyeah.

me: nasa taft station ung bourne legacy!
sis: lol okay
me: PUMUNTA AKO HAHAHA. ngayon lang ako nakakita ng hollywood star. XDDD
sis: bat sinasabi ng tv5 hollywood star daw si david lol :))


i am 21. i am young and in my twenties and this is as good a time as any to do stupid things. so on wednesday i did A Stupid Thing. i did not like it, and will not make it a habit, which is good because said Stupid Thing is not good for you.


k: you want? *holds out Stupid Thing*
me: nah.
k: lol why, masyado pang may araw for you?

(because i have only ever tried the Stupid Thing in the dark of night. lolol)

(lmfao i realize this post makes it sound like the Stupid Thing is a whole other thing than what it is.) (make of it what you will lolol)


k i am going to start eating healthier because my doctor said so because of some health… problems. and angel just came from surgery for her kidney stones and now she can’t eat sweet or salty things or drink alcohol or BASICALLY EAT ANYTHING THAT TASTES ANYTHING AT ALL. and i realized that health is a really delicate and important thing and i don’t want to get to that point when i can’t eat anything anymore so now i will just eat better and take care of myself better because JFC I AM 21 I AM TOO YOUNG FOR THIS SHIT


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