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So when I blogged about my modified 50/50 challenge — modified to be 50/120/500 because like Leslie Knope who is my new hero, I like to go big, or go home. Or go big while going home, as the case may be, as I have accomplished a huge chunk of this so far on the commute home, haha.


So, 15 days ago, I was 4/7/34. Today I am at 6/15/58. Here, have a chart because it’s prettier than just numbers.

I am on FIRE, omg. I like having the chart and updating it constantly and seeing that I am ahead on all fronts. Even as I write this, that chart is not going to be accurate for long because I am itching to watch more Parks & Rec (as you can see from my Leslie Knope reference above, I love this show. I just got to the bit where Ben shows up! I NOW GET ALL THE BEN/LESLIE FEELS!), and tomorrow K and I are watching The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I just finished reading the book a week or so ago, and I watched the Swedish adaptation last weekend, so I might spend half my time comparing, but I am excited. I hope it’s as good as the buzz makes me expect. (Or more likely, I will spend the entire movie lamenting the fact that I DID NOT SEE DANIEL CRAIG WHEN HE WAS IN MANILA LAST WEEK.)

I don’t know what my next book is yet, though. I have three Gaimans (all borrowed from K) and Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories Volume 1 stacked beside me while I decide… even though I am currently about 1/5 into A Game of Thrones hahaha. I am notorious for reading several things at once, but lol some sense of order might be nice. The Holmes one is unfair though, it contains several actual separate novels, which my officemate D will count separately, while I will count this entire thing as one because it exists as one book for me. But oh wait, does that mean I will count my LOTR one-volume edition as only one book? D: Gah whatever, counting this Holmes as one. Just making this challenge even harder, woo! :DDD:

But I am so, so tempted to start a new Gaiman already! has this concept of majors and minors, as in an author whose entire body of work (or well. at least a few of it) you want to read this year. Or a director or an actor whose movies you want to see.  ETA: The site defines majors and minors as:

  • Major as defined by either “all of one creator’s works” or “more than ten.”
  • Minor defined as “at least half of a creator’s works” or “five or more.”

I guess my major would be Gaiman. (Yep, this is me saying CHALLENGE ACCEPTED yet again. Two down, at least 8 to go! WHY DO I DO THESE THINGS TO MYSELF.) I have no idea why I didn’t start reading him sooner, but I am on the bandwagon now and I plan to tear my way through as many books of him as I can get my hands on! (Maybe he should write a novel about Idris the TARDIS. Damn, that Doctor Who episode was one of my favorites.) Not sure if I’m majoring or minoring on anyone else. Not sure if I can even handle another major or minor, even. Lol.

Oh my goodness, I just realized that I get to lift my self-imposed book-buying ban today because I’ve finished Anansi Boys! Except I was too eager to go home early and forgot, so I still have not acquired any new books for the year. But I am planning to buy Ilustrado. And I really want that Paul McCartney bio. And I need to find a copy of Fight Club. Ahh and 1Q84! Is there a paperback version of that yet?


K, I need to go watch some Parks & Rec now. And then get started on a new Gaiman.

PS. Full list of books and movies on my scrapbook, and TV is on a subpage.


Written by eeeek

January 31, 2012 at 9:38 pm

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