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apparently k is moving to canada in a couple of months and this news is kinda really pretty stressful i mean WHO WILL I GO TO CONCERTS WITH, WHO WILL I WATCH MOVIES EVERY WEDNESDAY AS THEY OPEN (lol i mean really i have seen five movies at the cinema this year so far and all of them were with her), WHO WILL I STALK CELEBRITIES WITH, WHO WILL I DRINK WITH, WHOSE HOUSE WILL I HANG OUT AT TO WATCH MERLIN AND FLAIL OVER STUPID BOYS

yes, clearly i am not taking this well

i swear eventually i’ll play the supportive friend and be happy for her because this is a good move career-wise and stuff

but right now i am just thinking of how much i’m going to miss her D: i mean srsly she’s been my partner in crime for the last… three and a half years. and i did not even know she was applying abroad until she got her visa today and now she tells me she’s leaving in less than two months and i kind of just stood there and went “…okay”


lalala did not even attempt to be coherent, that’s how upset i am. but shh don’t tell her


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