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book ban is back on (aka oops i did it again part2)

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…so. That was today’s haul. If you were in National Bookstore Trinoma around 7-8pm, I was the one who looked like books were going out of print and I was stocking up for the rest of my life. As usual. But hey, the sale is ending on Monday, and as I will be in Baguio starting tomorrow, this is the last time I can take advantage of the sale. Behold my total:

As you can see it was a fruitful sale. For both National Bookstore and me. I’ve bought enough books that my total savings could’ve bought another two books. My face at this realization is :DDD:, but you know my inner bargain-whore is high-fiving me right now. But now I am banning myself from buying any new books until I finish at least half of these. I have given my sister license to yell at me if I break that ban.

And of course no post about books goes by without an update on my 50/120/500 challenge. I haven’t finished any of the books I bought in the last month, although I am reading two. So my chart is still the same, aside from the number of days (putting me even more behind! D: ) and the addition of one TV episode (this week’s Game of Thrones, aka my newest addiction).

Ok, clearly I don’t get anything done on trips even though my biggest problem while packing is which books to bring. But I’m on leave the entire week, so hopefully I’ll get at least one book and a couple of movies in, FFS. :|


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April 14, 2012 at 10:31 pm

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