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my feelings about Game of Thrones 2.09

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  • Wildfire makes pretty fireworks.
  • Joffrey is still the most annoying, cowardly little shit grrrr.
  • I am really getting to like sansa, huh. I think by this point in the book I didn’t like her this much yet.
  • Aw shae, I like you a lot and wish I didn’t know what you’re going to do in the future. :(
  • I like Cersei’s armor-corset hahaha.
  • A++ CLOSING CREDITS #canGoTbeamusicalpls
  • Idk the battle wasn’t as epic as I’d imagined but it gave me a lot of feelings. Especially Cersei’s lion fable and Tywin’s entrance, that was perfect.

my feelings about life rn: I HATE EVERYTHING I JUST WANT TO SLEEP


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