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if they killed him tonight, at least he would die alive.

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  • Total number of pages: 550
  • Pages I sobbed through: 50 (the last 50, in fact)
  • Number of times I had to put it down: one. I was reading on the train home, and then there was a parade of Jews, and a German with a good heart and a piece of bread. I didn’t want to sob in public.
  • My favorite characters: Papa, and Max. Which is why I started sobbing 50 pages before finishing, because Max. [SPOILER] Liesel clutching his arm through a parade of Jews. And then lifeless Papa Hubermann, on page 531. I thought I was already crying hard over Max, but when Papa died I couldn’t breathe through the tears.

I’m pretty sure that if you were to classify my reading/watching interests, you can sum it up nicely as: fantasy, and history/historical fiction (WWII most especially, above others). And I can tell you, no fantasy book or series has ever been more horrifying or terrifying than WWII. Not even A Song of Ice and Fire, where no one ever gets a happy ending and I have wanted to hurl my books at the wall more than once. Anything about WWII is still infinitely worse, because it’s true, it happened to real people, and real people did things worse than any fiction I have read.

(On a lighter note: this book was also cleverly written, and Marcus Zusak strings words together so beautifully. Add another one to the list of people I wish I could write like.

Also: in my head Colin Morgan plays Max Vandenburg. I don’t know why, maybe because Max broke my heart, and Colin always plays characters that break my heart. I hear there’s going to be a movie, can I petition for him to be cast as Max, please.)


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