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my thoughts about the amazing spiderman

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  • they weren’t lying
  • i mean i may be biased because ANDREW GARFIELD, but
  • no really it was funny and then it made me yell FUCK when uncle ben died and then  it made me cry (multiple times WHATEVER I’M A BIG BABY AND ALSO ANDREW GARFIELD ALWAYS MAKES ME CRY. the only character he played that didn’t make me cry was the one in doctor who but that’s because i wasn’t paying attention to that episode) and also had the right amount of suspense to make me want a sequel (which there is going to be, so yay)
  • andrew garfield’s smile is probably the key to world peace.
  • rofl spiderman was one cheeky bugger
  • ANDREW GARFIELD’S ASS gives a whole new meaning to cheeky bugger i mean wut who said that
  • also the 3D effects were a+
  • no but seriously ANDREW GARFIELD
  • bonus: THE HOBBBIT TRAILER! IN 3D! the imax tickets were already worth it before the movie even started.

Written by eeeek

June 30, 2012 at 11:55 pm

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