Life is so… whatever.

things that happened this weekend

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  • My weekend started on Friday because I was on leave, so that was nice.
  • First thing I did was to renew my driver’s license, get that out of the way before the more… exciting events of the weekend.
    • Hilariously, they said I had 20/20 vision. LMFAO.
    • I have no idea what else they said on my medical/drug tests; for all I know they said I was on coke or something. No idea, was too busy anticipating DAVID COOK.
  • Later that day, I went to buy CDs for DCook’s signing thing, went to Angel’s to get her camera only to discover on the way that she already passed it on to Rie so I needn’t have gone to her place, went there anyway to catch up with her, almost got to the CD signing late, and then FINALLY MET HIM. He laughed at me and I died because of his SMILE. <3
  • Next day, this moment happened: from across the lobby I saw girls flailing so I knew someone must be there, and then I saw Andy, and then David then there were other people but I was too busy to notice them, and basically my friend R, my sister, and I just froze on the spot for the entire ten seconds it took for them to cross the room. They were practically in front of us when my brain worked for a second and I squeaked out HI DAVID, except who I really wanted to meet was Andy (wasn’t even holding out any hope that David would be wandering around, but I knew the band — Andy — could be) but I am dumb and am more capable of calling David’s attention than Andy’s because I don’t know I’m a little bit in love with Andy ROFL ROFL.
  • Next was concert time!
    • It was fantastic as expected. I missed seeing/hearing DCook perform live. We were right at the barricade (well, we had 8th row seats but you know nobody stayed seated), so we were right in the middle heaven, possibly.
    • I took 900++ photos in 1.5 hours, um. Was a little nervous because I wasn’t too familiar with the camera, but quite a few photos turned out well so that’s cool. GOD I WANT A DSLR NOW SO I CAN HAVE PRETTY CONCERT PHOTOS WAH.
    • We were at Andy’s side, so you know I took a lot of photos of him. Hah.
    • He played Rapid Eye Movement last. It’s my absolute favorite song of his, and one of my all-time favorite songs for that matter, so just hearing that one song live made the Patron tickets worth it, sigh. And then he just left us all to die to the tune of that last minute or so of echo-y maaaaaydaaaaay, somebody saaaaave meeeee, which I’ve always said was the recorded desperate sobbing of the fans that he has slayed. I’m glad I got to experience that in real life, lol.
    • I’ve got a photoset on flickr if anyone’s interested. Only has a few photos as of now, will add to it as I continue editing and sorting and picking out photos.
  • Today: tried to take advantage of the last day of the Fully Booked sale. Couldn’t find anything I really wanted, so I just ended up getting another Markus Zusak book, because I couldn’t leave empty-handed.
  • Tomorrow it’s back to work. UGH.

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