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my feelings about The Dark Knight Rises

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  • Basically: ALL OF THE FEELINGS. ALL OF THEM. (You should know by now that I have a lot of feelings about everything.)
  • Ok, just so nobody yells at me that I didn’t warn them, YES THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS.
  • JGL’s *____* face at Batman = exactly my face also, because DUDE, he is an amazing human being.
  • JGL.
  • No but really: JGL.
  • That awkward moment when practically everyone in Hollywood was in the movie, except for Leo DiCaprio. Even Quinn from Dexter was there!
  • Bane was… very creepy. Not as scary as The Joker, but definitely terrified me a little. I was a little bothered by his old-man-narrating-a-story voice though, rofl. Also: it took me a while to realize it was Tom Hardy, even though I knew Tom Hardy was going to be in the movie. I am dumb like that.
  • BONUS CILLIAN MURPHY! I love that Nolan just had to get him in there, it’s not like that tiny bit he did should necessarily be done by Dr. Crane, but thank you for the Cillian anyway, Chris Nolan. Much appreciated.
  • Anne Hathaway: HNG. But my favorite bit was her face when Bruce came back, her big, sad eyes reflecting her guilt at leaving him with Bane and her relief that he made it out and UGH. MY HEART.
  • Obviously this wouldn’t be a Nolan movie without some sort of mindfuck revelation. Legit didn’t see that coming.
  • Ugh but aside from making me flail at everybody, it also broke my heart all over the place. Well it was a happy ending after all but just. Ugh. The things he had to go through. :( Guys, BATMAN IS MY FAVORITE SUPERHERO, UGH.
  • In conclusion: EPIC MOVIE. I kind of want to see it again.

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