Life is so… whatever.


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Doesn’t feel any different from 21, hmm.

Favorite birthday greeting:

k: so i’m kinda awful because i saw angel’s bday post on fb and i was like BUT THAT’S NOT TIL END OF THE MONTH. and then i look at the calendar and it IS the end of the month already ladhdkabsld

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! maybe next year i’ll catch it on time. iluuu~

me: Hahaha figures, you’d miss something I didn’t remind you.

I should be annoyed, but it is SO her, I love it. Haha. This is why I keep our concert tickets always.

In other news:

  • I miss j. Stupidhead won’t answer my emails. Angel said he’s nagtatampo because we don’t email him as much. Lol whatever, I’m also mad at him because I was the one who last emailed, k. Ugh, this is my life now: having tampuhan with d’s dad, lolwtf.
  • Work remains annoying and time-consuming, sigh.
  • SNOW PATROL ON THURSDAY! Maybe I should remind k now already, and everyday until the show.

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August 4, 2012 at 11:10 pm

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