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Tonight K and I watched Hansel and Gretel. We were too sleepy/distracted to enjoy JRenner. Also I’m not sure if I’m still seeing her tomorrow for Gangster Squad because I’m never sure with her until like half an hour before I have to go, but I’m hoping we’re still on. Because I need a hug. I did not hug her tonight because too sleepy and also we’re not really very touchy friends, I can’t actually remember when I last hugged her. It’s not as big a deal as it should be mostly because our friendship was founded on words, but a hug would be nice before I never see her ever again. Okay that was melodramatic and possibly exaggerating, hopefully she still comes home once in a while — except that when her dad and youngest sister follow over to Canada I’m not sure how much more likely that is so YES I NEED A HUG.

…this blog is quickly devolving into eeeek-gets-eaten-alive-by-separation-anxiety territory, huh. Look, I’m even playing Death Cab in the background for more feelings!

An aside to my other friends: guys I don’t deal well with people leaving me, please don’t leave :(


Written by eeeek

January 30, 2013 at 10:28 pm

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