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in conclusion, i am hilariously needy. 

i have, like, a sticky heart. it just STICKS to people and won’t get unstuck and gives me grief.

there are people i know who write like this and i’m envious that i don’t.

also the above statements are also kinda really true for me, just see previous separation anxiety posts. (btw, you thought that was over? it’s still not, i’ve just stopped writing about it because it gets repetitive. but i still do things like tweet k i need a drink and she replies with MOJITOS! and it’s almost like she still lives 15 minutes away except the drink doesn’t actually happen, which, boo. also i really needed that drink on monday because pms+stress+my sister being an idiot)

in other news i haven’t run in the last three days and i’m really itching to (wow when did that happen) but my sister is not here to run with me outside (and besides, i apparently outrun her now?) and i kind of don’t like the treadmill, but it’s set up in the living room as an option because my dad doesn’t like our midnight runs. i’ll wake up at 7 tomorrow and run this week’s stress off. and then i’ll go to the office even though it’s a saturday because i’m a workaholic assigned to too many things with too little time.


Written by eeeek

February 16, 2013 at 12:02 am

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