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i’m a (silent!) crier when i’m sad, and sometimes i’m a crier when i’m happy. it’s a little terrifying, always feeling so much.

It’s amazing how someone else could put into words exactly how I feel, in a way that I never could myself.

In other news (aka things that have happened since my last post ages ago):

  • Malaysia/Singapore was super fun and super exhausting and LOL WHERE DID ALL MY MONEY GO.
  • And then… THE SCRIPT AHHHHH THEY STILL GIVE THE BEST CONCERTS. Was much closer this time, and even got to touch Danny when he went down to the audience! My sister hugged him, what even.
  • Company summer outing was fun, one of the drunkest times I’ve ever been in my life, but still got to manage it enough that I was still just within the happy-drunk zone, albeit barely and tbh I woke up wanting to throw up but I just countered it with lots of oily hangover food.
  • Work is still kicking my ass, but I can see a light at the end of this tunnel! AKA moving projects soon, and hopefully not going to be 150% allocated anymore.
  • Twisted my OTHER knee this weekend because I apparently do not know how to use my legs, so I called in sick today. Slept most of it away, although was logged in to my work PC in the morning. As Jessica Zafra once said on her blog, “For sanity and general health maintenance I can’t think of anything better than spending a weekday vegetating at home.” EXACTLY.My parents were being all, “that’s because you’re so fat! and you’re just in the house, why do these things happen to you, be more careful!” when I twisted the ankle. WOW THANK YOU GUYS, I’M HERE WRITING IN PAIN AND YOU THINK TO INSULT ME INSTEAD OF ASKING IF I’M OK. Goddamn, sometimes they make me so angry. I know, I need to live healthier, lose weight etc etc and this second knee-twisting has scared me so yes I am going to start eating healthier but Christ, sometimes I just need to feel like I’m still their little girl, k? My sister was the best out of them, asking if I needed ice, etc etc and no wonder I yelled for her and not either of the ‘rents. Wow this post has taken a very depressing turn. Yep, my parental issues are still hanging in there.
  • Also, I fucking miss running. Never thought I’d say this, but I do. I want to get up on weekend mornings at 6 and run around the village, damn it. I was supposed to have time when I went on leave but then my stupid knees happened. Body, please cooperate. :(
  • Separation anxiety check: yep, still happening.

Written by eeeek

April 22, 2013 at 7:40 pm

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