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bastille my heaaaart (see what i did there)

One of my favorite stories/memories about Australia is going to see Bastille in Melbourne. It was one giant coincidence — I wasn’t even supposed to be in Melbourne that weekend, because if my bosses had their way I’d have flown to Sydney two weeks before and I’d have been in Melbourne the previous weekend, which was a long weekend. But visas take time and I only got it before the previous weekend, so my friend D and I decided to go to Melbourne on June 13th, Friday night, and fly back to Sydney on the 15th. Also, even if I’d been there a week early, flights on the long weekend were understandably very expensive by then.

We’d been looking at concerts and shows going on in Australia while we were there and knew Bastille had shows in Sydney and Melbourne that weekend, but they were already sold out when we first checked, right after I got the news that I was going to be sent to Sydney. But when we were booking flights to Melbourne (a couple of days before my flight to Sydney), we thought of checking concert tickets again on a whim. Surprise, new Bastille tickets were available! Suddenly the decision process got a little more complicated. We had two choices:

a) Stick with the original plan to fly back on the 15th, or
b) go to the concert and get the earliest flight back the next morning (there were no late flights we could take that night after the concert).

I wasn’t that big a fan (YET) then — I listened to their music a few times at D’s recommendation but they weren’t on regular rotation on my iPod — so it would’ve been fine with me if we didn’t go. But the airfare if we were flying back on Sunday night was something like $210 or $220, and around $160 if we flew back Monday night. Bastille tickets were around $75. Not much of a difference, although we’d also have to book a hostel room for another night.

In the end we figured it wouldn’t be too much of a loss to watch the concert. Like me, D loves concerts and shelling out an extra $50 or so to catch a band we kinda liked was… not such a bad idea. YOLO and all that. Who knew when or if they’d ever go to Manila? Being sent to Australia was great because we had enough allowance to do fun stuff on our free time, and we liked making the most of it.

That YOLO decision turned out to be a good one, because we had so much fun. Bastille were absolutely fantastic live (despite being way to the left of the stage and being able to see only Dan’s profile most of the time, lol), and suddenly I was a thousand times as big a fan as before. It was one of the best nights of my two months down under.

Fast forward to October, when their Manila concert for January 5th, 2015 was announced. By this time I was well and truly a fangirl — I used to pass the time in Sydney watching their live performances and interviews on YouTube and was thoroughly smitten. I’d fallen in love with not just their music but their personalities — they’re a bunch of humble, self-deprecating, sarcastic, hilarious little shits, ahaha. I’d kept bugging my sister to listen to them so I could fangirl with someone (and also because their music deserves to be shared to as many people as possible).Of course I was going to go see them a second time.

And oh my God, they were as good as I remembered. Waiting for hours outside the venue, and then inside the venue (but while the main concert hall was still closed off. My training at the University of Pila was being tested.) and then finally waiting for them to come onstage despite standing in a crowd was totally worth it. Even if I felt like two seconds from fainting from how hot and tight it was. Even if my feet were killing me already. Even if I was holding an autographed vinyl record I bought for too much money, trying to protect it from getting damaged from all the jostling. All of that was worth hearing those four boys make fantastic music in front of me, and this time in my homeland. What a great way to start the year.

I won’t do a blow-by-blow review, but here’s Oblivion which always makes me emotional (a few more other videos in my YouTube channel. Sorry they’re very shaky, it’s hard to take videos in a standing-only crowd that’s very enthusiastically jumping and dancing):

Damn, how good was that. UGH.

Bonus end to the night: got a ninja photo with Dan Smith despite being in a rush to go somewhere else. He is the nicest. ILHIIIIIM. :’)

Daniel Campbell Smith, actual angel.

Daniel Campbell Smith, actual angel. (not the photo I have with him, obviously, but I’m ugly in that photo so no.)



PS. I’m still trying to remember how to blog, oops, so this entry has been three weeks in the making.  It’s okay, it’s been three weeks and I still haven’t gotten over that night. Hell, I still haven’t gotten over seeing them the first time.


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January 26, 2015 at 11:02 pm

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