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Scrapbook 2011 (2)

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scrapbook 2011


books i’ve read

  1. Noli Me Tangere, Jose Rizal (0102) – for PI 100.
  2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stephen Chbosky (0107-0110) – simple and honest and real.
  3. El Filibusterismo, Jose Rizal (0110-0128) – read a couple of chapters at first, got busy with thesis, and the marathoned for three days. NEVER AGAIN OMG.
  4. Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro (0105-0210)
  5. The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins (0411-0414)
  6. Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins (0414-0422)
  7. Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins (0422-0423) – GOD, this series was such a gripping read. Also, SO HEAVY. I just. Ugh. I’m still processing it, but damn. So many thoughts. I love when a book leaves me feeling like this.
  8. Day, Elie Wiesel (0504-0510)
  9. Good Omens, Neil Gaiman (0608-0616) – My first Gaiman! Read at work while I was bored rofl rofl. It’s so clever and ugh why did I wait until now to read me some Gaiman??
  10. Norwegian Wood, Haruki Murakami (0616-0623) – A little disturbing, but I like disturbing. I cannot believe Anna actually recommended this though, hahaha.
  11. Island, Jane Rogers (0623-0627) – three guesses as to why I read this one. Haha. Another disturbing book, and I am EXCITED to watch Colin play Calum.
  12. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, J.K. Rowling (0511-0710) – In time for the movie! Rofl it took me forever, wtf. (also HEY LOOK I MADE MY 12-BOOKS-IN-A-YEAR-QUOTA IN JUST OVER HALF THE TIME!)
  13. 21, Ben Mezrich (0702-0713) – this was a thrift store find, yay. The movie was more exciting, but I like that this is real.
  14. The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien (0716-0810) – again read it before the movie. The dwarves were too annoyingly greedy by the end, but Bilbo was such a badass and I am excited for Martin Freeman to play him.
  15. Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll (0917-09__) – finally read it, yay.
  16. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, F. Scott Fitzgerald (1115) – oh look, I read ebooks now.
  17. Grimm’s Fairy Tales (1115-1119) – because I wanted to read the non-Disneyfied versions.
  18. Peter and Wendy, J. M. Barrie (1121-1130)
  19. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, John Boyne (1118-1214) – movie was better. huh.

currently reading

  1. Brida, Paulo Coelho (0211-present)
  2. The Art of War, Sun Tzu (0220-present)
  3. Zombie Survival Guide, Max Brooks (0405-present)
  4. Flags of Our Fathers, James Bradley (0715-present)
  5. The Pacific, Hugh Ambrose (0811-present)
  6. Sense and Nonsensibility, Lawrence Douglas and Alexander George (0910-present)
  7. Shelf Life
  8. American Gods, Neil Gaiman (1130-present)

books i want to read

  1. Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Caroll
  2. The Hunger Games Series – Suzanne Collins
  3. Water for Elephants
  4. Norwegian Wood
  5. The Book Thief
  6. Ilustrado
  7. 1Q84, Haruki Murakami

books i acquired

(it was going to be books i bought, but the bff is getting got(!!!) me Perks, so.)

  1. El Filibusterismo, Jose Rizal (0105) – i know. how dorky.
  2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stephen Chbosky (0107) – Christmas gift from the bff <3
  3. Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro (0126) – this is what I bought with my December salary, ahaha.
  4. The Hunger Games Trilogy, Suzanne Collins (0411) – FINALLY
  5. The Perfect Storm, (0618)
  6. Hannibal (0618)
  7. Flags of Our Fathers, James Bradley (0618) – these three were from BookSale because I went to Bookay Ukay with Fatimang and found nothing good. /o\
  8. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
  9. The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan (07__) – there was a booksale at Glorietta. And I am a booksale junkie, um.
  10. 21, Ben Mezrich (0702) – from BookSale!
  11. I Lost My Love in Baghdad (0709)
  12. The Pacific, Hugh Ambrose (0715)
  13. The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien (0715)
  14. Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden (0715) – SM WAS ON SALE, OKAY. And that included National Bookstore, SO.
  15. The Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes Vol. 2, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (0728) – birthday gift from my sister! Even though I haven’t finished Vol.1 yet ahaha.
  16. Sense and Nonsensibility, Lawrence Douglas and Alexander George (0910)
  17. Shelf Life, Gary Paulsen (0910) – obviously I’ve been to Booksale again, um.
  18. Lullaby, Chuck Palahniuk (1229) – Christmas gift from the bff

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movies i’ve watched

  1. The Exorcist (0101) – first movie of the year! JFC WHY. lol it was fun times though, side by side on the couch with my sister and cousins, with the lights off, screaming our heads off. And drinking. XD
  2. Inception* (0101) – WHY DID MY COUSINS NOT FINISH THIS. Fourth viewing and it is still amazing. *___*
  3. Shutter* (0102) – lol why do we keep watching horror movies. And we’ve seen this together so many times, idek.
  4. Prince of Persia (1202) – I was only half watching so I didn’t find it as epic as my sister seems to think, lmfao.
  5. 1408* (0103) – again only half watching because I was too busy getting drunk, lmfao. Not very scary anymore, lol.
  6. Mulan* (0103) – FAVORITE DISNEY PRINCESS.
  8. Toast (0105) – well that was false advertising, tumblr. I thought it was going to be about something else entirely. (not that it was bad or anything though, just different from what i was expecting)
  9. Dalaw (0108) – not as scary as Feng Shui and Sukob, but at least it wasn’t infuriating as that damned kimerald movie lmfao.
  10. My Bloody Valentine* (0108) – JENSEN ACKLES.
  11. Zombieland* (0109) – finally finished it. Appreciated it more now that I know who Jesse Eisenberg is? Hahaha.
  12. Easy A (0110) – Very amusing. It’s a teen movie but it’s not completely like typical teen movies? But I think that’s mostly due to Emma Stone, she’s not like your typical annoying teen girl. Also the soundtrack, it’s not insipid pop songs with no substance, yay. Amanda Bynes’ character annoyed the hell out of me though. I mean usually she can pull off the annoying parts and somehow seem mildly endearing, but this Marianne character? I think I genuinely disliked her. D:
  13. Mean Girls* (0117) – FOUR FOR YOU, GLEN COCO. YOU GO, GLEN COCO. (ngl i am always annoyed by the kind of environment that american high schools seem to be as portrayed in movies. IS IT REALLY THAT BAD, BECAUSE I AM SUDDENLY GLAD I DID NOT GROW UP THERE. i mean it’s probably all exaggerated, but there must be some grain of truth in it if it keeps getting portrayed like that.)
  14. Tangled (0124) – SO CUTE. <3
  15. The King’s Speech (0131) – THIS FILM GAVE ME SO MANY FEELINGS, OKAY. Favorite of the year so far, and I definitely understand the Oscar-worthiness. (lalala i will not get involved in awards season drama, how everyone is like “such-and-such movie is so overrated!” “how can that movie even win, THIS ONE IS MORE DESERVING” etc etc i am just going to sit here and love all the movies because i fucking love film, okay)
  16. Letters to Juliet (0201) – bordering on too cheesy at times, but overall I enjoyed it.
  17. Never Let Me Go (0211) – I… maybe should’ve watched it first before reading the book? Because half the time I was like “hey that wasn’t like that in the book!” But ugh it still gave me so many feelings ugh. Also, I beam stupidly whenever Andrew is onscreen lmfao he has ruined me for life.
  18. The Social Network* (0212 and 0213–with commentary and 0326 LOL DRUNK TIEMZ WITH KIM AND MEG and again on 0612 online with several people and I was the only one drunk hahaha) – Kim conned me into buying the dvd so we could watch it in their HD tv UGH I HATE HER. :)))))
  19. V for Vendetta (0223) – because it felt relevant in relation to recent events? It… is a little reminiscent of Fili lolol.
  21. Charlie St. Cloud (0225) – Um. NGL Zefron made me cry. D: Boy actually can act, huh.
  22. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (0225)- ANDREW GARFIELD IS A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. also, andrew/chickens = otp.
  23. Love and Other Drugs (0226) – first half was meh, second was better but overall the movie was still just okay.
  24. Batman Begins (0226) – I only watched it for Cillian Murphy. I am shallow, I know.
  25. The Perfect Storm (02__) – watched on a bus with Vincent. Medyo engrossed kami. Medyo lang. :))
  26. 127 Hours (0317) – (whoa, I didn’t watch a movie for two and a half weeks, what.) Initially I was like, wait, are we going to spend 90% of this film just staring at Troll Franco stuck against that rock? I mean, that’d be lovely, but LOL WHAT KIND OF MOVIE IS THAT. But then it was exactly like that and more, glimpses of who Aron was were interspersed with the struggle bits. I couldn’t watch the actual amputation though, lmfao. ALSO HEIGHTS + CRAMPED SPACES + DIVING INTO WATER ALL IN ONE SCENE IN THE BEGINNING OH GOD I NEARLY QUIT THEN AND THERE. XD
  28. Valentine’s Day (0403) – blah. Too many stories to actually form proper storylines. :| The Tanduay Ice made it better though hahaha.
  29. The History Boys (0404) – a coming-of-age movie, kinda like Dead Poets’ Society.
  30. The Roommate (0412) – I actually kind of enjoyed it. Leighton Meester plays manipulative bitches well, ahaha. Also THAT MOVIE IS FULL OF ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE. *____*
  31. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (0412) – …let’s just say that by the end I felt like I watched a Kimerald movie. D: This is a very unpopular opinion, I know. (Mario Maurer is kind of really cute though.)
  32. Rio (0419) – super cute! ALSO JESSE EISENBERG AS THE NERDIEST BLUE MACAW EVER. :))))
  33. Kung Fu Panda (0424) – I knew it was Jack Black without even seeing the credits, lol. IDK, nothing special, but it was a fun watch.
  34. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone* (0427)
  35. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets* (0427) – intended a marathon at the bff’s, but we were both getting sleepy by this point haha.
  36. Gulliver’s Travels (0502) – watched it on the bus on the way home from Baguio. IT HAS JASON SEGEL AND CATHERINE TATE IN IT, AND THEREFORE IS AUTOMATICALLY AWESOME. Well not really I was going to give up because mehhh another Jack Black movie where he’s a loser who makes something of himself, and then there was Marshall! Hahaha. So I stuck with it and yep, he was my favorite character. <3
  37. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring* (0504 and 1224) – clearly it’s LOTR marathon time again, hurhur.
  38. The Uninvited (0508) – NOT the one with Emily Browning. DA FUQ DID I JUST WATCH.
  39. High School Musical (0515) – I SECRETLY ADORE IT, DON’T JUDGE.
  40. The Notebook (0515) – because my sister hadn’t watched it yet WHAT A TRAVESTY. She cried hahahahaha.
  41. A Tale of Two Sisters (0521) – this is what The Uninvited was supposed to be about. Meh movie though.
  42. Splice (0528) – what the fuck did I just watch.
  43. Never Say Never (0528) – JFC I AM GOING TO STOP LETTING MY COUSIN AND MY SISTER PICK MOVIES FOR MOVIE NIGHT GODDAMN. But then again with my cousin you can’t pick ~srs movies so I’ll just watch those on my own, sigh.
  44. The Last Exorcism – um. :|
  45. Orphan – creepy good, I loved it.
  46. Rent – I did not love it as much as everyone else on the planet did, but that’s probably because I was only half watching.
  47. Drag Me to Hell – fucking a, drag me to hell indeed. It was so bad, such a hellish experience. ROFL.
  48. Last Songwhen they guy told Miley she was an amazing singer, it lost whatever remaining credibility it had left for me hahaha.
  49. Burlesque – idk I was only half watching.
  50. X-Men: First Class (0605) – SO TRAGIC. CHAAAAARLES ;____; (aka this is probably this year’s Inception)
  51. Tree of Life (0626) – WHY DO I LET KIM DRAG ME TO THESE THINGS. Were we not deep enough for this movie, because we rly didn’t get it hahaha.
  52. Temptation Island (0709) – WHY DO I LET MY SISTER DRAG ME TO THESE THINGS. :|
  53. Drive Angry – watched on the bus home from work.
  54. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (0714 and 0716) – I’M NOT CRYING IT’S JUST RAINING ON MY FACE. ;_____;
  55. Island (0813 WHAT) – COLIN MORGANNNNNNNN. Damn, I love that he insists on playing these dark roles in these dark stories outside of Merlin. Because while I love the show, he is so much better than that, and I like that he deliberately picks roles that show off his range and show what a fucking fantastic actor he is.
  56. Crazy, Stupid, Love (0820) – with Cam and Mico. Lol why am I always the third wheel. I liked it a lot, it’s not anything original or groundbreaking but it wasn’t annoying and the cast was pretty endearing.
  57. Final Destination 5 (0826) – with Kim. Lol we were covering our faces half the time. First half was nice, cringe-y fun. Second half wasn’t as good though.
  58. Inglourious Basterds (0827) – very entertaining. I liked it.
  59. An Education, (0908) – it made me realize how bored I am of my life, um.
  60. The Princess Bride (0909) – CAMPY MEDIEVAL FUN, YAY.
  61. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (0913) – anime movie Anna recommended ages ago. Finally watched it. I liked the guy from the future.
  62. Little Miss Sunshine (0914) – lol aww Abigail Breslin was so wee. :’)
  63. Once (0915) – pretty movie with an even prettier soundtrack. Also the guy sounds like Mumford & Sons, hmm.
  64. Yes Man (0920) – omg why do I keep watching movies that make me realize that my life is boring. D: also, surprise Zooey Deschanel! (that’s what I get for not googling movies before watching, haha)
  65. Friends With Benefits (0928) – impromptu movie date with Kim. Did not find it as fun as Kim seemed to though.
  66. Bridesmaids (1001) – um, I was having some sort of PMS moment and cried through half of it? Was pretty funny though. Also, SOOKIE FROM GILMORE GIRLS!
  67. Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War (1001) – my first Korean movie! I’m glad it was this one, I liked it a lot. Really good effects, and we know how I love war stories. Story made me want to punch one of the leads sometimes, but overall it was good.
  68. A Single Man (1008) – Colin Firth! God this was so good. So beautifully made too. And Nicholas Hoult has gorgeous blue eyes. I finally get the appeal. *____*
  69. Insidious (1012) – lol apparently it’s scary to watch this on the bus ride home. XD
  70. Hanna (10__) – it was good, I liked it.
  71. 30 Minutes or Less (1026) – with Kim. LOL JESSE. It wasn’t as bad as the reviews led me to believe, haha.
  72. Real Steel (1029) – omg this was surprisingly good. :O
  73. Red Eye (1031) – Cillian was so creepy lol. ALSO HE HAS PRETTY EYES. *____*
  74. Whispering Corridors 4: Voice (1031) – lol I was more confused than scared.
  75. Wall-E (11__) – I actually can’t remember when I watched this lol.
  76. In Time (1102) – I actually liked it more than I expected based on reviews. Also, CILLIAN MURPHY.
  77. Marie Antoinette (1107) – because we know I love historical fiction. And the soundtrack was badass.
  78. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (1118) – because we know the part of history I’m most fascinated by is WWII. Also I may have watched this for Asa Butterfield, lol. But I enjoyed it for more than that. It was… it hurt, okay. I will never not be affected by anything related to the Holocaust, and to the concentration camps. There wasn’t even much detail about it, at least not in the first 90%, most of what was going on inside the camps was just alluded to and you need to be familiar with the context to even catch all of it. But the thing is, I am. They showed smoke coming from chimneys far away and I knew what it means, and I started to cry. There was a part that went something like this: “Father, what do they burn in those chimneys? Smells horrid.” “Sometimes they burn rubbish in there.” and “They smell even worse when they burn, eh?” and I was like I HATE EVERYTHINGGG. And then the end? The actual gassing? SOBBING UNCONTROLLABLY. No, I’m not even exaggerating or using that as an expression, I was actually ugly-crying for most of it. Um, so basically this thing gave me a lot of feelings. ;______;
  79. A Frozen Flower (1127) – watched it because it had Song Ji Hyo and Song Joong Ki. Again went in without knowing anything about the plot except that it’s a period movie, and was surprised with what it was actually about (I thought it was going to be about war… it wasn’t.) Intriguing plot, lol. Amazing acting and fight scenes too.
  80. The Kite Runner (1127) – um. I cried.
  81. Drive (1204) – rofl to be honest, I sat down with this about five different times and watched it in parts because I couldn’t do it in one go. D: I thought Ryan Gosling’s acting was fantastic, but the story was… um, what was the point? Also was there really some TSN soundtrack in there (notably Hand Covers Bruise… yes, I know The Social Network‘s soundtrack by name. um.) or was the copy I downloaded just made of fail?
  82. Immortals (1209) – er. IDK not much plot, but good cinematography? Zeus looked like an older James McAvoy.
  83. The Lion King (1218) – IN 3D! Wow, I thought I watched this film this year, but apparently it was a year ago almost to the day (it would’ve been if I’d watched tomorrow). Part of my birthday treat to my sister. STILL MY FAVORITE DISNEY MOVIE. <3
  84. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (1218) – creepy, but good. BEN WHISHAW LOOKS LIKE COLIN MORGAN. Actually, Colin Morgan would’ve been perfect for the lead role too. But then again, Ben was amazing, so it’s okay if this movie was a few years too early for Colin’s career, haha.
  85. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (1224) – HELM’S DEEP. Still the most epic battle scene EVER. We watched the DVD extras and DAMN, the work that went into this battle and into these movies in general was fucking colossal, but it was all worth it. My dream as a programmer would’ve been part of the CGI team for these movies, fml WHY WAS I LIKE 9 YEARS OLD WHEN THEY DID THIS. Is it too late to be part of The Hobbit? LOL.
  86. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (1225) – lol got distracted a little as I was updating my phone while watching, but UUUUGH MY HEART. SAMWISE. ARAGORN. GANDALF’S TEARS. SO MANY FEELINGS.
  87. Edward Scissorhands (1226) – Johnny Depp!
  88. How to Train Your Dragon (1227) – hee hee cute.
  89. Blades of Glory (1227) – ROFL.
  90. Chloe (1227) – Amanda Seyfreid so creepy. O__O
  91. Wanted (1227)I put this off for so long because I’m not really into action movies or Angelina Jolie, but it turned out better than expected. Also, JAMES MCAVOY. AS AN ACTION… HERO? rofl ilhim.
  92. My Neighbor Totoro (1228) – er. It felt…  much more when I was little? Lol now we’re like LOLWAT THAT’S IT. But Totoro was still SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE.
  93. Segunda Mano (1229) – watched with Camille and Mico. Good concept, not so good execution.
  94. The Sword in the Stone (1230) – lol at the same time my sister was watching Merlin S4 which is also called The Sword in the Stone
  95. Dodgeball (1230) – lol funny movie
  96. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (1231) – I… don’t remember Caspian having that accent? LOL. Also Peter is kind of arrogant ugh. LUCY IS MY FAVORITE PEVENSIE. <3
  97. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (1231) – sad movie. A+ acting and I liked the non-linearness.
  98. Memento (1232) – huh, another movie about forgetting and another movie that is kind of non-linear.
  99. Scott Pilgrim vs the World (1231) – lol this movie is actually like a comic book come to life.
  100. Push (1231) – barely made it in time! Hahahaha.

*movies i’ve seen before


(is it cheating if i say LOTR because i watch those movies every year and every year they are still my favorite movies of all time? lolol)

  1. The King’s Speech
  2. V for Vendetta
  3. 3 Idiots
  4. Deathly Hallows (duh)
  5. Real Steel
  6. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

movies i want to watch

  1. 127 Hours
  2. Black Swan
  3. The King’s Speech
  4. Tangled
  5. Never Let Me Go
  6. Easy A
  7. Rent
  8. An Education
  9. Red Riding
  10. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  11. Super 8
  12. I Am Number Four
  13. Parked

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  1. Hawaii Five-O – first TV show of the year! The amount of love I have for this show has skyrocketed A LOT, wow. :))
    1×13 (i miss maryanne D: ), 1×14 (STEVE MADE ME CRY)
  2. How I Met Your Mother – second TV ep.
  3. Modern Family
    2×11 (LUKE IS MY HERO.), 2×13
  4. Community
  5. Supernatural – FYEAH MY SHOW IS BACK
  6. Merlin
  7. Dexter
    Really interesting theme this season


  1. Misfits
    1×01 (I’ve only just started, but it’s pretty interesting so far! My favorites are Kelly and Simon. And that black guy eep I can’t remember his name. My least favorite is Alisha. So… Nathan would be 2nd least? IDK I’m not too into Robert Sheehan? Although I like his accent/voice here better than in Cherrybomb.)
  2. Running Man
    OMG NEW FAVORITE SHOW. LOL judging myself so hard for getting into a Korean variety show but THIS SHIT IS HILARIOUS OKAY HAHAHAHA. Also I am kind of really attracted to Song Joong Ki, um.
  3. Doctor Who
    I kind of like it better when they just go to a different time period but it’s still on earth? Preferrably the past, I love that. Idk I’ve never been that extremely into scifi to begin with.
  4. Miranda
    LOL OMG she really is tumblr personified. XD Hilarious ahahahaha. Also MMM TOM ELLIS.
  5. Being Human
    I LIKE IT ALREADY. I’d much prefer if it were just shenanigans of a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost attempting to live a normal life, without all that drama about the entire supernatural world ugh w/e but that’s also exciting but idk I just wanted the actual being human part.
  6. The Voice
    Started watching because Idol failed me, and my only regret is waiting so long because it is fantastic and I love it already.
  7. Parks and Recreation
    I like it so far!
  8. SungKyunKwan Scandal
    GUESS WHY. Rofl.
  9. Junior Masterchef Australia
    I don’t like who won. Blah.
  10. Family Outing
    I still like Running Man more, but this is fun to watch while waiting for RM episodes.
  11. Tree With Deep Roots
    WHOA DAMN, Song Joong Ki can act. *_________* SO BLOWN AWAY I CAN’T EVEN.

things i gave up on

  1. Glee – at first I was just getting bored and the writing was getting really bad, until that alcohol episode that really enraged me and made me realize that this show keeps sending the wrong message to kids and I am just not really down with that, so now I have quit. Apparently Klaine kissed. We’ll see when I’ll be arsed enough to care and actually watch that bit. They’re the only good thing left about this show.
  2. American Idol – JFC WHY DO I STILL WATCH THIS SHOW. XD But I am enjoying the new judges so far, yay. I TAKE IT BACK THEY ARE CLEARLY WATCHING A DIFFERENT SHOW THAN I AM BECAUSE THEY KEEP GETTING CHILLS AND GIVING STANDING O’S AND I’M JUST SITTING HERE LIKE DA FUQ. Also the contestants bore me, I am not interested enough to get to know them so every week I just watch and constantly make a confused face at my tv because who the fuck are these people I DON’T EVEN KNOW THEIR NAMES.

things i want to watch

  1. Criminal Minds S4!
  2. Numb3rs S3 onwards
  3. One Tree Hill S6!
  4. CSI – everything. I want a DVD set of this.
  5. Will and Grace – everything too. I miss this show. <3
  7. Miranda
  8. Being Human (UK version)
  9. Doctor Who (I’d started from Nine’s season but idk it bored me? Maybe I’ll give it another try)
  10. Parks and Recreation
  11. New Girl
  12. Awake
  13. Downtown Abbey

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songs i loved

1. Scars – Allison Iraheta
do you know how hard i tried to become what you want me to be?

2. Passenger Seat – Death Cab for Cutie

3. Rapid Eye Movement, David Cook
give me one more quiet night ‘fore this loud morning gets it right and does me in

4. Circadian, David Cook

5. Goodbye to the Girl, David Cook (I love that this is a collaboration between him and Neal and Andy)

6. Everything and More, David Archuleta (I probably won’t love this as much if I didn’t hear it live first, lol)

7. Little Lion Man, Mumford and Sons

new discoveries

  1. The Civil Wars – wow, their music is so good. It’s like the lovechild of country and hipster music hahaha.
  2. Mumford & Sons – why did it take me so long to listen to them, I don’t even.
  3. Death Cab for Cutie – lol I am so ~*~hipster~*~ you guys.

favorite albums

  1. Sigh No More, Mumford & Sons – SO GOOOOOD. I listened to nothing else for days after I discovered them. *____*


  1. Paalam Pilipinas: The Sugarfree Farewell Concert (0301, Eastwood) – WAH. BYE, SUGARFREE. :(
  2. The Script Live In Manila (0416, Araneta Coliseum) – MOST EPIC CONCERT OF MY LIFE, NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING. Also one of my concert dreams come true.
  3. Maroon 5 Live In Manila (0523, SMX Convention Center MOA) – AMAZING CONCERT. Adam Levine is attractive.
  4. David Archuleta Live in Manila (0718, Araneta Coliseum) – OH DARLING, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY BABY
  5. Westlife Gravity Tour Live in Manila (0929) – FINALLY, AFTER THIRTEEN YEARS. And then shortly after that they announced that they were breaking up. DAFUQ.
  6. Jason Mraz Acoustic Night with Toca Rivera (1030) – AHHH ANOTHER FAVORITE. GOD THIS WAS A GOOD YEAR FOR CONCERTS.

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  1. lalala

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  1. 0323 – first job offer!
  2. 0606 – first day at The Company
  3. 1214 – 50k

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  1. 0718-0721 – JEFFREY

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  1. Good things really come to those who wait. (in the bathroom lol)

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quotable quotes

live a little.

Lily, Black Swan

For you, a thousand times over.

Hassan, The Kite Runner

memorable convos


Guy at job fair: So graduating ka na this April?
Me: Sana po.
Him: Bakit lahat ng tinanong ko, isa lang ang nagsabing gagraduate sya? Lahat “sana” daw. Dapat “gagraduate ako!” Kasi pag sana lang, 50-50 lang. Baka nga sana lang gumraduate ka.
Him: Yown!

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  1. first song of the new year: The Remedy, Jason Mraz
  2. 010311 – FIRST HANGOVER EVER. threw up four times. lmfao.
  3. PEOPLE I FANGIRLED #1: colin morgan. duh.
  4. PEOPLE I FANGIRLED #2: armie hammer akjsakdf JFC HE IS SO DREAMY OKAY.
  6. 013111 – I… THINK I JUST GOT HIRED? O__O
  7. 020211 – got an invite to Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society LOLWAT HAVE THEY SEEN MY RECORDS
  8. 052211 – drinking night with cousins and nephew and niece. First real bonding time with them as adults. Learned so much, and gave so much advice in the hope that these kids will grow up good. Found out that they have a good head on their shoulders, and that I needn’t worry so much, at least about these two.

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  1. Berting, my dearest laptop that likes to act up a lot
  2. David, my shiny new 120GB iPod classic.
  3. David, my shiny not-so-new-anymore S5 IS
  4. Kris (or Kristopher. or Krissifer.) – MY SHINY NEW PHONE!! :D finally replaced my old battered one, lmao. Rest In Peace, bb. :(
  5. Sledgehammuh, 500GB external hard drive
  6. Misha, my sexy new phone!

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two of my favorite things – 2010 to present

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memorable/favorite photos i took


other favorite photos

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1. Bride Wars

Written by eeeek

December 26, 2011 at 11:07 pm

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  1. […] going to see so many movies with her haha) favorite movie: I think out of the 6 I listed in my scrapbook as my favorites, I’d say 3 Idiots because that’s one that’s really relevant to my […]

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