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Scrapbook 2012

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scrapbook 2012


books i’ve read

  1. Ang mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan, Bob Ong (0102-0104) – lol natakot ako
  2. The Pacific, Hugh Ambrose (0811-0104) – lol finally.
  3. American Gods, Neil Gaiman (1130-0106) – wow, that was long. But good.
  4. Lullaby, Chuck Palahniuk (0101-0113)
  5. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (0115-0120) – first half was okay, I kept wondering how the two main characters and their storylines would come together, and then about halfway through they did, AND THEN I FINISHED THE REST IN JUST OVER A DAY OMG. Couldn’t put the book down, I was reading even at work lol.
  6. Anansi Boys, Neil Gaiman (0114-0131) – first Gaiman I read that was an actual book and not an ebook. Lol.
  7. A Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin (0120-0221) – well that was exhausting, lmao. But by the end it was so thrilling I had to start the next one kaagad.
  8. Shelf Life, Edited by Gary Paulsen (‘110-0226) – I liked some of the stories, some were meh.
  9. Fragile Things, Neil Gaiman (0131-0310) – fascinating stories. I wish I could write like him. :(
  10. Sense and Nonsensibility, Lawrence Douglas and Alexander George (091011-0311) – lol hilarious book.
  11. The Perfect Storm,  Sebastian Junger (0311-0317) – finally my MS102 knowledge has come in handy, lol.
  12. Smoke and Mirrors, Neil Gaiman (0317 – 0324) – My favorite story was Murder Mysteries, about angels and creation and stuff (how predictable, self. Speaking of angels, CASTIEL IS BACK ON THIS WEEK’S SPN!!).
  13. A Clash of Kings, George R. R. Martin (0221-0401) – FUCK YOU THEON GREYJOY
  14. Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman (0405-0429) – it was… a’ight. Lol.
  15. The Reading Promise, Alice Ozma (0429) – Heartwarming, aww.
  16. A Storm of Swords, George R. R. Martin (0401-0509) – favorite of the series so far. INTENSE POTA.
  17. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Lyman Frank Baum (0529-0601) – that awkward moment when I discover that Dorothy’s shoes were actually silver, not ruby red.
  18. Around the World in 80 Days, Jules Verne (0602-0607)
  19. Up in the Air (0430-0612)
  20. The Book Thief  (0602-0616) – oh my heart, I sobbed so hard. One of the most painful, and most beautifully written books I’ve ever read. New favorite.
  21. One Day – 0615-0623
  22. Yotsuba Vol1 – 0630
  23. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – 0701
  24. Yotsuba Vol2 – 0707
  25. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – 0623-0708
  26. Yotsuba Vol3 – 0708
  27. Yotsuba Vol4 – 0708-0718
  28. Slumdog Millionaire/Q&A – 0709-0718
  29. Fight Club – 0710-0722
  30. The Help – 0718-0729
  31. The Graveyard Book (Neil Gaiman) – 0811-0819
  32. Pride and Prejudice – 0730-0823
  33. The Fault in Our Stars (John Green) – 0825-0826
  34. On Burning Ground (Michael Skakun) – 0908-0915
  35. Ilustrado (Miguel Syjuco) – 0324-0917
  36. The Phantom of the Opera (Gaston Leroux) – 0901-1011
  37. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (Jenny Lawson) – 1006-1020
  38. Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo? – 1117
  39. Thanks for the Memories, Mr. President (Helen Thomas) – 1202-1216
  40. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – 0823-1221
  41. I Am the Messenger (Markus Zusak) – 1221-1222
  42. A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens) – 1222
  43. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (Mindy Kaling) – 1223
  44. Bossypants (Tina Fey) – 1224
  45. Darkly Dreaming Dexter (Jeff Lindsay) – 1227
  46. Room (Emma Donoghue) – 1227
  47. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (Rachel Cohn and David Levithan) – 1228
  48. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (Amy Chua) – 1228
  49. Will Grayson, Will Grayson (John Green and David Levithan) – 1230
  50. The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2011 (edited by Dave Eggers) – 1231

currently reading

  1. Zombie Survival Guide, Max Brooks (040511-present)
  2. Flags of Our Fathers, James Bradley (071511-present)
  3. Titanic: First Accounts – 0414-
  4. A Feast for Crows – 0509-

books i want to read

  1. Water for Elephants
  2. The Book Thief
  3. Ilustrado
  4. 1Q84, Haruki Murakami
  5. A Song of Ice and Fire series – 3.5ish out of 5 so far
  6. The Help

books i acquired

  1. Ilustrado, Miguel Syjuco (0323) – lol, how did it take so long for me to acquire a book this year. SELF-CONTROL!
  2. A Clash of Kings, George R. R. Martin (0326)
  3. A Storm of Swords, George R. R. Martin (0326)
  4. A Feast for Crows, George R. R. Martin (0326) – self control wut.
  5. A Dance with Dragons, George R. R. Martin (0405)
  6. Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman (0405)
  7. Up In the Air, Walter Kirn (0405)
  8. The Reading Promise, Alice Ozma (0414)
  9. Titanic: First Accounts (0414)
  10. Barack Like Me,David Alan Grier (0414)
  11. A Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin (0614)
  12. Night,Elie Wiesel (0614) – because I lost my old copy. :(
  13. The Book Thief,Marcus Zusak (0614) – too good to be read on my phone


  1.  A Storm of Swords, George R. R. Martin
  2. The Book Thief, Marcus Zusak

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movies i’ve watched

  1. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring* (0101) – with commentary!
  2. Watchmen (0106) – lol this movie was so long!
  3. Star Trek (0108) – not gonna lie, I only watched this because Cumberbatch is going to be in the sequel and apparently he is the one that gets me to watch it. Oh God I am going through all the nerd fandoms at the rate he and Martin Freeman are going. :DDD: Anyway. The movie was more entertaining than I expected.
  4. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (0110) – lol very entertaining. He might not be like canon!Holmes, but RDJ makes a hilarious Holmes. Although I think Jude Law as Watson was my favorite. AND MARY. MARY WAS BADASS. Also: STEPHEN FRY AS MYCROFT. Plot was… IDK, a little meh, I guess, but it was v. entertaining. (um but confession: Kim and I were so sleepy from the White Russian we drank before the movie that we… may have zoned out in some parts lolol)
  5. The Help (0114) – um, I cried. IDK how accurate this is (I hear there are some criticisms from the black community) but GOD, it hurt. I hate prejudice.
  6. Sunshine (0115) – omg, everybody dies. D:
  7. Fight Club (0115) – haha finally watched this. I want to read the book!
  8. I Love You, Man (0120) – You know what, I actually cannot hate any character Jason Segel plays. Well I don’t think they tried to make him an actual asshole, but even the annoying bits were endearing. CAN HE BE MY BEST MAN PLEASE. (what who said I can’t have a best man at my wedding? I WANT A BEST MAN.) (of course there will still be a maid of honor.)
  9. Iron Man (0122)
  10. Iron Man 2 (0122) – liked the two more than expected, huh.
  11. Pathology (0122) – well, I guess I was bound to watch a bad movie once in a while. :|
  12. Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain (0123) – oooh a French movie, I feel so ~cultured now. Hahaha jk. It was a fun, quirky watch, but Amelie is… kinda really dumb. I mean, the ~mystery and the games, it was cute at first. BUT DAMN GIRL, CLEARLY NINO WAS INTERESTED, NO NEED FOR EXTENDING THE GAME FOR FAR TOO LONG. Or idk, it was cute when it was just Amelie being quirky and romantic… and then she showed a ridiculous amount of cowardice and self-consciousness and I’m like, DUDE, what else do you want, he came for you already! If a cute French guy like that showed such obvious interest in me, I wouldn’t waste time on a scavenger hunt lolol. But then again I’m known to be sorta oblivious too, so… idk lol. But anyway, A++ on cinematography and editing. Such a pretty movie. *_____*
  13. J. Edgar (0125) – Leo, ILU, but Armie stole the show.
  14. Haywire (0126) – lol this one we watched because of the cast. Serves me right.
  15. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish) (0129)
  16. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (English) (0201) – I thought this one was better.
  17. The Woman in Black (0208) – Oh, DanRad. WHY. (tbh nakakagulat naman hehe)
  18. Chronicle (0210) – erm. Why do I let Kim drag me to these things?
  19. Rise of the Planet of the Apes(0225) – Erm. This was a movie about breaking research practices/rules.
  20. Limitless(0303) – interesting concept, great cinematography/editing, and Bradley Cooper! Who did the lighting for this movie? Because every shot was lit to make Bradley’s eyes as blue as possible. =))
  21. Hugo(0304) – BB MORDREEEED. Haha. Adorb movie.
  23. Beastly(0310) – blah.
  24. Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga’Hoole(0310) – amazing animation. And… so much violence hahaha. But I liked it a lot.
  25. Mirror, Mirror(0315) – watched with officemates. SPOILER: SEAN BEAN DOESN’T DIE!!
  27. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid(0317) – er. It was okay.
  28. The Hunger Games (0322) – AHHHHHH SO GOOD. Wish there was a little more depth regarding the uprising stuff, but I’m happy with the stuff they kept in, and the additions were A++. Cesar Flickerman (I LOVE STANLEY TUCCI) as expository device was awesome, and also the behind-the-scenes of the Gamemaker control room. AND PEETAAAAA. <3
  29. Megamind(0324) – funny movie.
  30. Get Him to the Greek (0407)
  31. Titanic* (0409) – in 3D. Because I can’t not. IT’S NOT RAINING IT’S JUST SEAWATER IN MY FACE ;_____;
  32. Third Star (0428) – in which Benedict Cumberbatch stabs me in the emotions.
  33. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (0429) – I actually cannot remember what this movie was about.
  34. Stranger Than Fiction (0501) – apparently I can never take Will Ferrell seriously, um.
  35. Dark Shadows (0514) – k lang.
  36. Forever Enthralled (0518) – watched with Nico, kumu-culture kami kunyari lol. It… felt like three movies in one. Lol.
  37. Teeth (0610) – rofl wtf.
  38. Driving Lessons(0614) – aww Rupert and Mrs. Weasley. :’)
  39. Schindler’s List – 0616
  40. Penny Pinchers – 0623
  41. Wandeuki – 0624
  42. 50/50 – 0624
  43. The Amazing Spiderman – 0630
  44. One Day – 0707
  45. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – 0708
  46. Anonymous – 0709
  47. Magic Mike – 0712
  48. The Dark Knight – 0721
  49. The Dark Knight Rises – 0721
  50. The Descendants – 0728
  51. Moneyball – 0730
  52. Brave – 0803
  53. 21 Jump Street – 0804
  54. The Shining – 0804
  55. Slumdog Millionaire – 0805
  56. The Shawshank Redemption – 0811
  57. The Ring 3 – 0817
  58. Pride and Prejudice – 0821
  59. Guni-guni – 0824
  60. Remember Me – 0825
  61. Amorosa – 0829
  62. Becoming Jane – 0901
  63. Confessions of a Shopaholic – 0903
  64. Marley and Me – 0902
  65. The Possession – 0903
  66. Bwakaw – 0908
  67. Pisay – 0909
  68. Precious – 0909
  69. Pridyider – 0919
  70. Dredd – 0921
  71. The Perks of Being a Wallflower – 0930
  72. Ted – 1004
  73. Give Up Tomorrow – 1005
  74. Sinister – 1012
  75. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – 1013
  76. Lake Mungo
  77. The Town – 1026
  78. Yaya and Angelina – 1026
  79. Anna and the King – 1028
  80. Skyfall – 1106
  81. Paranormal Activity 4 – 1124
  82. Rise of the Guardians – 1202
  83. The Hobbit – 1213
  84. Everything Is Illuminated – 1223
  85. Aladdin – 1224
  86. Let Me In – 1225
  87. Pitch Perfect – 1226
  88. Pocahontas – 1226
  89. Year One – 1228
  90. Thy Womb – 1229
  91. Ocean’s Eleven – 1230
  92. Ocean’s Twelve – 1230

*movies i’ve seen before



movies i want to watch

  1. Red Riding
  2. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  3. Super 8
  4. I Am Number Four
  5. Parked
  6. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
  7. The Adventures of Tintin
  8. The Help
  9. War Horse
  10. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  11. The Hunger Games
  12. Coriolanus
  13. The Iron Lady
  14. We Need to Talk About Kevin
  15. The Woman in Black – Daniel Radcliffe!
  16. The Lady
  17. This Means War – Tom Hardy, Chris Pine, and Reese Witherspoon? YES PLEASE
  18. The Raven
  19. Butter – lolarious premise, but TY BURRELL! Among other stars.
  20. Mirror Mirror
  21. The  Pirates! Band of Misfits – lol seems a silly little animated film but HEY. Features the voices of Hugh Grant, David Tennant, and MARTIN ‘FUCK YOU I WON A BAFTA’ FREEMAAAAAAN

k, more here.

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  1. Sherlock
  2. Running Man
    ep70 – LOL GOOD TIMES.
  3. Supernatural
  4. Modern Family
  5. Parks and Recreation
    2.24 – still trying to catch up! Aw that moment between Leslie and Mark legit made me tear up a litle. SIGH THIS SHOW AND IT’S FRIENDSHIPS. :’) Also finally we get to Adam Scott!
  6. How I Met Your Mother
  7. Community
  8. House M.D. – trying to catch up! Only S8 left!
  9. Merlin – OH GOD IT’S OVER I CAAAAAAAAAN’T. S5 was kind of frustrating — it wasn’t bad, per se, but. There was so much time, so many opportunities for a fucking magic reveal and YET they still did it in the very last episode. Good thing I love it so much I’d stick with it no matter what; I’d stuck with it through the truly atrocious S3, so sticking with it through a season padded with so much unnecessary plot (at least it wasn’t just mindless padding) was… well. Not a piece of cake, and I definitely yelled a lot at my TV this season, but GOD the reveal was worth the wait, if a little late. It was a little bit perfect considering the circumstances, and I wept. Er, this is getting a little long. I might make a separate post for all my feelings, hah.


  1.  2 Broke Girls – because Camille and Kim said so lol.
    1.01 – loved Kat Dennings, and Earl is my other favorite character. The rest ranged from meh to annoying but I liked Max (Kat) and Earl enough to continue. We’ll see if this thing doesn’t annoy me too after a few more eps.
  2. Revenge – it really is better than what the synopsis makes it sound! It’s like a teleserye with a better script and less hair-pulling! Haha.
  3. Game of  Thrones – this show is so hard to watch because a) half the people are stupid, whiny little shits who I wish would die already; and b) the badasses are the ones who die. Every episode I live in fear that this is the episode Ned (or, as I call him in my head, DADDY BOROMIR!) dies. Well I know he does die, I’ve read the book; I just don’t know at which point in the show yet.
    after s2 — JFC I HATE EVERYTHING
  4. Awake– JASON ISAACS!

things i gave up on

  1.  Supernatural – CRYING SORRY SHOW ILU BUT GOD I JUST COULDN’T. I will try to catch up in 2013.

things i want to watch

  1. Criminal Minds S4!
  2. Numb3rs S3 onwards
  3. One Tree Hill S6!
  4. CSI – everything. I want a DVD set of this.
  5. Will and Grace – everything too. I miss this show. <3
  7. Awake
  8. Downtown Abbey
  9. Pan Am
  10. Game of Thrones
  11. Revenge

favorite episodes

  1.  Sherlock 2.03 (The Reichenbach Fall) – OH MY GOD ALL THE FEELINGS. Actual ugly crying towards the end ugh ugh ugh. And ALL THE AWARDS TO MARTIN “FUCK YOU I WON A BAFTA” FREEMAN.

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songs i loved

1. I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

new discoveries

  1. Never the Strangers
  2. Zee Avi
  3. Imagine Dragons
  4. Of Monsters and Men

favorite albums

  1.  Promising Promises, Jon McLaughlin


  1.  Josh Bradley Live in Manila (0203) – LOLOLOLOL
  2. Close Up Pyropalooza (0211) – Never the Strangers, Zia Quizon, Jamich, and obvs, BB D.
  3. Death Cab for Cutie Live in Manila (0305) – MOST  EPIC SHOW OF THE YEAR SO FAR AHHHHHH
  4. Smash Project 2012 (0308) – second concert in a week, wtf. Unpopular opinion: I liked three of the four bands. (the exception being the last one. k will hate me if she knew this)
  5. Hanson Shout It Out Tour(0329) – rofl 3rd concert in a month. But AHHHH FANTASTIC SHOW.
  6. NKOTBSB Live in Manila (0603) – boyband concerts are the BEST.
  7. David Cook –  0714
  8. Snow Patrol – 0809
  9. James Morrison – 1009
  10. The Fray – 1110
  11. Elton John – 1208

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  1. lalala

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  1. 0121 – saw D for possibly the last time before he leaves. D’:
  2. 0201-0203 – …or not. :))
  3. 0217 – for real now.

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  1. 0203 – NA concert scene. Heard the only time he has done Rainbow live, and recording was not allowed so I will be one of the couple hundred people who will ever hear that. Unless he does it when he comes back.
  2. 0305 – DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE CONCERT. This needs to be here because it’s one of the three shows I’ve been hoping for this year. I may or may not  be psychic. =))

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quotable quotes

There are worse things you can do to the people you love than kill them.

–Lullaby, Chuck Palahniuk

The best way to waste your life is by taking notes. The easiest way to avoid living is just to watch.

–Lullaby, Chuck Palahniuk

There’s an old saying in showbiz, it’s “the show must go wrong.” Everything always goes wrong and you just have to deal with it.

Andy Dwyer, Parks and Recreation

You can’t die full of regrets.

Jean-Ralphio, Parks and Recreation

memorable convos

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  1. first song of the new year:i don’t remember rofl
  2. DROVE THROUGH SCTEX AT 96KPH! Which is a little lame as other cars kept passing me (only passed two cars and I had to laugh because SERIOUSLY, SOMEONE WAS EVEN SLOWER THAN ME?) but hey. First time for everything. :)
  3. 0125 – did A Stupid Thing
  4. 0128 – SAW JEREMY RENNER OMG. And walked behind Rachel Weisz lol.

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  1. These nifty bookmarks things I bought because I needed ones that I could clip onto the book so that it wouldn’t fall when I’m reading in the MRT.

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  1. Berting, my dearest laptop that likes to act up a lot
  2. David, my shiny new 120GB iPod classic.
  3. David, my shiny not-so-new-anymore S5 IS
  4. Sledgehammuh, 500GB external hard drive
  5. Misha, my sexy new phone
  6. Unnamed 1TB hard drive because I refuse to name stupid hard drives anymore
  7. Unnamed new 500GB hard drive because I refuse to name stupid hard drives anymore

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memorable/favorite photos i took


other favorite photos

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1. Bride Wars

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January 6, 2012 at 11:09 pm

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  2. […] list of movies and books on my Scrapbook 2012, although I haven’t yet cleaned the entire thing […]

  3. You have two EHD?? Also, How did you manage to read all those books???


    January 1, 2013 at 5:34 pm

    • Isa na lang, nasira yung 1TB eh. And… let’s just say the Kobo e-reader is the most used app on my phone hehe.


      January 1, 2013 at 7:50 pm

    • And the last 10 books, I read in the last 10 days of the year? Ahaha.


      January 1, 2013 at 7:55 pm

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