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I… am so bad at this.

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My last post was my usual year-end/beginning post, and now another year is about to end and I’m about to post another one of those. Not that anyone ever reads this anymore, but. I hardly wrote at all (in whatever way, shape or form) this year, and it feels like I’ve been less introspective. It’s not even that I’m super busy. It’s not either that there’s nothing to write about, because actually, a bunch of cool and exciting things happened this year. I’ve traveled more than I ever have in years before, did a lot of things for the first time, liked a bunch of new things. I don’t know, I’ve just let go of writing, and reading (I’m way short of my reading goal this year, it’s pathetic), and just a lot of things in general. I feel like I’m getting old and tired and just removing things in my life that make me tired and annoyed, and unconsciously I’ve also apparently let go of things that I like (which sucks), and somehow it includes things that will need me to brave the ever-worsening traffic and general stress of getting around this metro and that’s a big part of the problem, because now I’ve been to lazy to go to things. And another big part is me being bored of what I do everyday. I feel like I work just to be able to do things that I actually want to do and have fun doing, which is fine since at least work leaves me with time to do so, but sometimes I want something more. Good Lord, quarter-life crisis is SO MUCH FUN.

In other news, I’ve been talking and catching up with K tonight and while I feel sad that I missed some major milestones in her life (she’s engaged and will be married in 26 days!), I’m over being bitter (I mean, it’s not like I was the only one who stopped messaging) and just want to try and remain friends and at least catch up once in a while. And I know we are still friends, because the conversation tonight has been easy like it always has been, like picking up an old conversation about Colin and music and life, except I kind of have to put in a tiny bit more effort to keep the talking going, but that’s okay. I’ve been learning that as I grow older (and hopefully grow up) the people in my life are growing too and I realize who I want to keep in my life despite distance and general busyness, and she is one of them. I realize it’s going to be deliberate and not always easy but hey, she was practically living in another timezone even when she was here, and if we got through having different shifts then we can do this.

Other things that have happened since my last post, which I will hopefully write about one of these days:

  • WENT TO AUSTRALIA. Which is hands-down the best trip of my life. Such a lovely place. No matter how bored and tired I am of my job, that experience is something I will always be grateful to have.
  • Fell in love with the band Bastille, which truly started in Australia when I saw them in Melbourne even though I was just a casual fan by then (how I was there and got tickets when they were playing are one huge coincidence and it feels like it’s meant to be)
  • Went on a couple of trips with just my sister and Fatima (and okay, that one time with her sisters and mother). My sister and I never did this before.
  • Also treated my parents to a trip to Palawan in January, which is the first time I’ve done something big for them.
  • New cats!
  • A bunch of other things but mostly the highlight of my year is two months in Australia!!!

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December 1, 2014 at 9:12 pm

things i got tonight

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  1. free dinner
  2. a hug
  3. a fresh dose separation anxiety

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February 1, 2013 at 12:41 am

still not okay

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Tonight K and I watched Hansel and Gretel. We were too sleepy/distracted to enjoy JRenner. Also I’m not sure if I’m still seeing her tomorrow for Gangster Squad because I’m never sure with her until like half an hour before I have to go, but I’m hoping we’re still on. Because I need a hug. I did not hug her tonight because too sleepy and also we’re not really very touchy friends, I can’t actually remember when I last hugged her. It’s not as big a deal as it should be mostly because our friendship was founded on words, but a hug would be nice before I never see her ever again. Okay that was melodramatic and possibly exaggerating, hopefully she still comes home once in a while — except that when her dad and youngest sister follow over to Canada I’m not sure how much more likely that is so YES I NEED A HUG.

…this blog is quickly devolving into eeeek-gets-eaten-alive-by-separation-anxiety territory, huh. Look, I’m even playing Death Cab in the background for more feelings!

An aside to my other friends: guys I don’t deal well with people leaving me, please don’t leave :(

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January 30, 2013 at 10:28 pm