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bastille my heaaaart (see what i did there)

One of my favorite stories/memories about Australia is going to see Bastille in Melbourne. It was one giant coincidence — I wasn’t even supposed to be in Melbourne that weekend, because if my bosses had their way I’d have flown to Sydney two weeks before and I’d have been in Melbourne the previous weekend, which was a long weekend. But visas take time and I only got it before the previous weekend, so my friend D and I decided to go to Melbourne on June 13th, Friday night, and fly back to Sydney on the 15th. Also, even if I’d been there a week early, flights on the long weekend were understandably very expensive by then.

We’d been looking at concerts and shows going on in Australia while we were there and knew Bastille had shows in Sydney and Melbourne that weekend, but they were already sold out when we first checked, right after I got the news that I was going to be sent to Sydney. But when we were booking flights to Melbourne (a couple of days before my flight to Sydney), we thought of checking concert tickets again on a whim. Surprise, new Bastille tickets were available! Suddenly the decision process got a little more complicated. We had two choices:

a) Stick with the original plan to fly back on the 15th, or
b) go to the concert and get the earliest flight back the next morning (there were no late flights we could take that night after the concert).

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Written by eeeek

January 26, 2015 at 11:02 pm